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Sanya signs strategic agreements with internationally funded enterprises.

By Afra Jin / Hellosanya

On September 6th, the Hainan Province Foreign Investment Introduction Event was held in Beijing. During the event, the Sanya delegation together with seven internationally funded enterprises signed strategic agreements. Following this event, on September 11th, the LanHai Group Company, YuanXin Technology Co., Ltd, ShenYa Group Company and seven other foreign funded enterprises signed strategic agreements. The signed agreements consist of matters concerning tourism, health, finance, technology and many other industries. Sanya already has solid business negotiations with 85 enterprises, and they plan to promote the development of 257 Sanya based events.




Lanhai Group

Lanhai Group is a large international group. It's headquarter is located in Shanghai and they have chosen Sanya to build and expand a healthcare brand.



Beijing Yuan Xin Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Yuan Xin Technology Co., Ltd will migrate a major network of scientific investment to Sanya and build a "Smart Medical Centre".


ShenYa Group Company

The core business of ShenYa Group Company is real estate. It plans to establish a commercial financial complex with local characteristics that is of international quality in Sanya.



In the future,Sanya will continue to optimize the business and investment environment by attracting more foreign investments,examining and approving construction and safeguarding talent resources. Hainan is devoted to providing companies with excellent services and resources to attract more investors from all over the world to participate in the construction of Hainan as a free trade area and free trade port with Chinese characteristics. They will speed up the process to make Sanya a world class coastal tourism city.


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