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The visa policy of Sanya is expected to be more flexible in the future.

By Afra Jin/Hellosanya


This year is the 40th anniversary of implement of the reform and open policy,in the mean time it is also the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Hainan Province. In April Xi Jinping, Chairman of China, announced that China will establish Free Trade Port( zone) in Hainan. In response to the spirit of Hainan Free Trade Port( zone) «Reform Boldly and Innovate Bravely » , related government departments have held meetings to discuss how to formulate further schemes . On 11th October,  A discussion meeting for companies concerning foreign affairs was held by Exit and Entry Administration Office of Sanya Police. The topic of the meeting involves foreigners’ living, working and traveling in Sanya. Mr Yang was invited to attend the meeting as a delegate from one of the most outstanding companies concerning foreign affairs. He offered proposal about visa policy.


1. Simplify visa procedures, tourist visa can be directly change to business visa or working visa.

There are 2000 ordinarily resident foreigners in Sanya. In 2017 the number of Sanya foreign tourists were 3% of the total number of all tourist. It is considerably lower than this promotion for Hawaii and Athens which reached 30%. For Bali and Phuket this promotion even reached 70%. To attract more foreign tourists come to Sanya, visa procedures must be simplified, and what is more, they should be allowed to open their own business and enjoy equal commercial treatment in Sanya.

2. Allow foreigners who are holding working visa to free work in Hainan; Allow to hold international events and do not require permission; Allow foreign students to have a part-time job in Sanya. 

Dealing  with foreigners’ working problem is the top priority of opening market.

3. Extend the limitation of residence visa.

Extend 6-month-residence visa to 1 year, Extend 1-year-residence to 2 years. Give qualified foreigners 3 or 5 year visa. 

4. Do not limit companies hire foreign staff in Sanya

As a international city, development of Sanya tightly relates to international talents. Only under more flexible and free working policy, companies will provide more positions for foreigners, who will contribute definitely to internationalization of Sanya. 

5. Found Association of Sanya Foreigners and Advisory service centre.


Exit and Entry Administration Office of Sanya Police, the organizers of the meeting really value such a sincere suggestion and will report to the State Council. They are looking forward to make progress for Sanya international reform and construction of Hainan Free Trade Port( zone ).

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  • Harald Stautland2018-10-13 17:57:43
    Sounds great.If not implemented,the planned internationalization of Sanya may remain a dream. As a retired person spending 5 months in my Sanya home every winter,may I look forward to a longtime visa and not having to go through the application rigmarole
  • KADAFI SAID YOUSSOUF2018-10-13 17:24:47
    Good job sanya