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Wuzhizhou Island--Shooting Tour of Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition

 By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya


The fifth stop of shooting tour of 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition came to Wuzhizhou Island. During 2 days 30 professional photograghers from all over the world will unfold the beauty of Sanya to the people around the globe.

These photograghers from more than 20 countries and regions: France, United States, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Greece, Venezuela, Netherlands, Tanzania, Romania.


Known as "China's first diving base", it is an ideal place for a vacation, leisure activities, entertainment and fishing. Like a bright pearl, it is surrounded by Haitang Bay which has a 22 kilometre long coastline. The water is clear and the sand is soft, an ideal place for a stroll along the beach. It is also one of the few islands in the world without rocks or cobblestones, making it the best diving base in China.


The island boasts a variety of holiday villas, wooden houses, bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants, and more than 30 leisure entertainment projects. Wuzhizhou island is also known as "Lover's Island". You can find many romantic spots on the island which show the international coastal island's unique romance and charm.





The coral reef diving area here is a national coral reef reserve. Its underwater landscape is various and there are professional instructors to guide you.There are many interesting activities for you to try such as "Flying Man", which lets you experience the feeling of flying like superman. It's also a great place to challenge yourself and get close to nature.





The First 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition is scheduled to be held from November 28th to December 7th. Photography exhibitions, photography forums, conferences, an award ceremony, and other cultural activities will take place over the 10-day event. The event is expected to play an important role in responding to the need for the accelerated development and opening up of Hainan to build it into an international center of tourism and consumption.



The theme of The First 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition will be presenting the great changes since the reform and opening-up. To deliver an international professional and innovative event, organizers will integrate the best tourism resources Sanya has to offer.




The First 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition is guided by the Publicity Department of the CPC of Sanya and the Sanya Tourism Development Committee. Organized by Sanya OFIA Culture Media Co.Ltd. Hainan Waiguoren Technoledgy Co. Ltd. Supported by Sanya Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd. jointly organized by Hainan Photographers Association and Sanya Photographers Association.


Wuzhizhou Island

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