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Haitang Paddy Field Park--Shooting Tour of Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition

By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya


The seventh stop of shooting tour of 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition came to

Haitang Paddy Field National Park. During 2 days 30 professional photograghers from all over the world will unfold the beauty of Sanya to the people around the globe.

These photograghers from more than 20 countries and regions: France, United States, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Greece, Venezuela, Netherlands, Tanzania, Romania.


Haitang Paddy Field National Park is Located in Tianyang, Haitang Bay, Sanya, the park is one of the important parts of Haitang Bay National Coast project and will demonstrate the science technology development of China’s rice farming to the world. 

The Paddy Field National Park chooses Haitang Bay as its site because Hainan owns favorable geographical advantage especially in off-season breeding and the park integrates with new resources, new concepts, new products and new experiences, exploring a fresh new agriculture and tourism fusion development way in Hainan.


It is learned that the first phase of the national park covers 3,800 Mu (2,533,333 sq. meters) with an investment of about 2.3 billion RMB.

According to the park, there will be 17 independent projects built in the park:


Some of the attractions in the park have been opened to visitors including Paddy Ocean of Flower, Dinosaurs Science Base, Live Shows of Paddy Revelry, One Stop Wedding Celebration Base, Parent-child Paradise, Paddy Hot Spring, Shared Farm Village Off-line Experience Center, Paddy Seafood Square and Hexia Chengliang Customer Service Center. Visitors can have a one stop experience while with a lot of interesting choices here.



The First 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition is scheduled to be held from November 28th to December 7th. Photography exhibitions, photography forums, conferences, an award ceremony, and other cultural activities will take place over the 10-day event.

The event is expected to play an important role in responding to the need for the accelerated development and opening up of Hainan to build it into an international center of tourism and consumption.


The theme of The First 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition will be presenting the great changes since the reform and opening-up. To deliver an international professional and innovative event, organizers will integrate the best tourism resources Sanya has to offer.


The First 2018 Hellosanya International Photography Contest & Exhibition is guided by the Publicity Department of the CPC of Sanya and the Sanya Tourism Development Committee. Organized by Sanya OFIA Culture Media Co.Ltd. Hainan Waiguoren Technoledgy Co. Ltd. Supported by Sanya Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd. jointly organized by Hainan Photographers Association and Sanya Photographers Association.


Haitang Paddy Field National Park 

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