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The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival opened on December 8th 2018.

By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya

The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival opened on December 8th 2018. The festival is guided by the Publicity Department of Sanya Municipal Committee, hosted by the Sanya Agricultural Bureau and is co-organized by the Sanya Association of Wax Apples.



The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival aims to revive rural culture and build a brand image for Sanya wax apples. The festival focuses on alleviating poverty, and developing the beautiful villages of Sanya. It will also promote Sanya wax apples, which are products that have been recognized by National Geographic.

The first part of the festival is “Popular Science Propaganda of Sanya Wax Apples”: Since 2005, Sanya wax apples have been honored with many certificates. They have been recognized by and received the following certifications: China Organic Certification, China Certification of Good Agriculture, EU Certification, Famous Brand Product of Hainan Province, Famous Trademarks of Hainan Province, Leading Agricultural Company of Hainan Province, Science Popularization Example Association of Hainan Province, Designated Fruit of Boao Forum and Product Recognized by National Geographic.


The Cultural Corridor of Sanya wax apples and the Popular Science Training Center of Sanya wax apples display introductions of the history and agricultural characteristics of wax apples.



The second part was to pick and taste Sanya wax apples. Experts led guests to pick wax apples in the orchard. Many activities were organized, including endorsing Sanya wax apples, and electing the tastiest Sanya wax apple. Fresh milk and organic golden passion fruit were provided free of charge.

The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival is a new development chance for farmers and an opportunity to promote a combination of agriculture and tourism. Through the festival, the public will know more about Sanya’s tropical fruits and contribute to the construction and development of Sanya tropical fruit culture on a global scale. 


During the opening ceremony, 4 companies signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”. These companies are the Sanya Association of Travel Agents, the Sanya Wax Apple Association, Hainan Shida International Travel Agency Limited and Sanya Nanlu Industrial Co., Ltd.


The opening ceremony took place in the “Town of Wax Apples”, which was a poverty alleviation base with joint investment by 624 farmers from 4 different villages.

Contact: Mr Xu Hongjia (General Secretary of the Sanya Wax Apple Association) 


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