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New Tourism Destinations Introduced to the Public

By Afra Jin


The Sanya Beluga Discover Ocean World will open in January 2019. It is set to be the “blue Disneyland”,a popular one-stop experience that incorporates culture, education, catering, accommodation and many other services.


The Sanya Hai Chang Fantasy Town will open on January 20th, 2019. It will be China’s first comprehensive ocean entertainment complex. It will cover all your needs: culture tourism, vacation planning, entertainment experiences and shopping.

Sanya Beluga Discover Ocean World


Location: The Creative Industry Park, Yazhou District, Sanya

Four Business Sectors: 

Entertainment— Ocean World; 

Education—Curiosity Academy, 

Dining—Sea Restaurants; 

Accommodation—Beluga Hostel

1. Ocean World


The theme park will include various attractions and rides such as sea animal exhibits with different themes (Dolphin Shows and Fish displays).

2. Curiosity Academy


The academy creates a perfect learning environment for both children and adults. Coral aquarium, VR technology and other ocean theme entertainment will give the audience a real deep sea world perception. 

3. Sea restaurants 


Sea restaurants will provide tourists with a variety of catering choices including Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, western style cuisine. The restaurants are surrounded by a big aquarium, which is guaranteed to bring you an extraordinary experience. 

4. Beluga Hostel


There are 9 different sea series and 400 rooms in total. We invite you to experience something new! 

Sanya Hai Chang Fantasy Town 


Location: Center of Haitang Bay, Haitang District, Sanya.

Business Sectors: 1 general ocean park, 11 entertainment items, 2 theater shows, 30 international performances, 8 theme restaurants, 50 distinct restaurants, 30 shops 

Operating hours: 24 hours

1. Ocean Park


It will be one of the world's largest ocean parks. There will be over 30000 sea creatures (280 different species) living in it.

2. Theme sectors 


It is separated into 8 theme sectors according to the "Maritime Silk Road" line: Haitang Bay, Seas of Africa, Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal, Java Sea, South China Sea, Waterfront Corridor and Dream Ocean Theatre.

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