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How Much Do You Know About Wax Apples?

By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya


Syzygium samarangense    (commonly known as wax apple) is a plant species in the Myrtaceae family. Native to a few islands, it was introduced in prehistoric times to a wider area and now is widely  cultivated in the tropics.

The flowers of wax apple are an astringent and used in China to treat fever and ease diarrhea. It tastes like pear but is more tender and more juicy than pear.


To revive rural culture and build a brand image for Sanya wax apples, a promotional activity about wax apples was held by the Sanya Science and Technology Association today. The activity focused on alleviating poverty, and developing the wax apple village in Yazhou District, Sanya. It will also promote the implementation strategy of the innovation-driven development, and create tropical agricultural science bases.



1. Science Popularization Exhibition

A cultural corridor formed with 20 display boards and a 2000 square meter training center opened to the public. Information about wax apples was on display,especially Sanya wax apple.


2. Science Popularization Lecture

Experts from the Sanya Wax Apple Association introduced unique the conditions, history, production technology, nutritional value and picking skills of Sanya Wax Apples.


3. Workshop Meeting of Sanya Science Popularization Status

More than 30 people attended the workshop meeting, including the leaders of Sanya science popularization groups,bases and schools. The topic of the meeting revolved around Sanya science popularization status and the new model of science popularization with local characteristics.


4. Wax Apple Picking Activity

Experts led guests to pick wax apples in the orchard. Many activities were organized, including endorsing Sanya wax apples, and electing the tastiest Sanya wax apple. Fresh milk and organic golden passion fruit were provided free of charge.

The promotional activity about wax apples is a new development opportunity for farmers and a chance to promote a combination of agriculture and tourism. Through the activity, a unique agricultural town will be set up in Sanya. In this town scientists will conduct research, training and education about mangos, melons, cashew nuts, coconuts, betel nut and other aspects of tropical agriculture.


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