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Sanya City Trams Have Started Their Trial Runs

By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya


Brief introduction:

1.   Capacity:

There are 5 carriages. In each carriage there are 60 seats. The maximum carrying capacity is 362 people. 

2.   Speed:

Design speed: 70km/h

Maximum speed in urban areas: 50km/h

Average speed: 20km/h

3.  Fast charging:The trams only requires 30 seconds to completely charge. This is done at each stop. The old charging method of laying wires along the route has been replaced with new charging technology—Air charging rails at each station. Thanks to this new charging method, the urban landscape is protected.


The trams have an aerodynamic design, soft car bodies and blue carriages. New wireless charging technology makes it a new green intelligent urban rail traffic system with zero pollution. The trams have an independent lane in central green areas of the road. The distance between the first station and the last station is 4.5km and the journey will take approximately 18 minutes. The trial run will last 3 months.




Route:Sanya Railway Station>Yuxiu Road Station>Fenghuang Road Station>Shuicheng Road Station>Sanya River East Road Station>Jiefang Road Station>Jinjiling Street Station>Friendship Street Station>Yingbin Road Station>Jixiang Street Station>Unity Street Station>Xinfeng Street Station>Guangming Street Station>Yuejin Street Station>Jiankang Road Station



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