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Hainan Provincial Government Announces Plan To Improve Foreign Language Skills Of Citizens

By Afra Jin/Hellosanya


The government of Hainan Province has officially announced to all relevant departments and decision groups to improve the foreign language skills of citizens. The announcement points out that by 2020 the international language environment of Hainan Province will be optimized. Citizens will learn about international cultural manners, different cultural customs, and improve awareness of cultural exchange and internationalization. Government department workers and groups should master at least one foreign language.


Main missions

Foreign Language Popularization Project

1. Referencing the published English handbook《 300 Sentences in English》 and 《 900 Sentences in English》 followed by 《300 sentences in Japanese》, 《300 sentences in Russian》, 《300 sentences in Korean》 and 《300 sentences in French》.

2. Call on more volunteers including college students, teachers and foreign language and primary school teachers to increase foreign language popularization.

3.  Open up foreign language learning pages or channels through mass media.

4. Hold public lectures to introduce cultural manners and customs of different countries. Organize various activities and competitions such as "Foreign Language Salons", "Foreign Language Tours" and "Foreign Language Competitions".

5.  Integrate social resources to build more public platforms for foreign language learning, and attract the public to participate.

Project of Foreign Language Training in the Service Trade

1. Establish foreign language training systems and arrange regular foreign language training in various industries such as public security, transportation, tourism, culture, sanitation, journalism and commercial.

2. Strengthen the foreign language training of civil servants to improve their foreign language skills.

Project of Foreign Language Teaching Reform in Primary and Middle Schools

1. Deepen English teaching reform in schools.

2. Improve examination methods to strengthen listening and speaking skills.

3. Encourage more second foreign language courses in primary and middle schools.

Project of Public Service in Universities

1. Improve students’ oral English and encourage them to participate in social activities.

2. Encourage universities to set up foreign language training systems for the public.

Project of Foreign Language Personnel Training and Introduction

1.  Increase foreign language university major enrollments on a large scale and deepen education reform.

2. Enhance foreign language education in teachers’ universities and improve foreign language skills of graduate teachers. 

3. Attract more foreign language talents from all over China to work in Hainan

4. Offer more part time jobs for excellent foreign language talents

5.  Send foreign language teachers to train and learn abroad, introduce quality training resources at home and abroad and encourage the establishment of more private high-quality training institutions.

6. Introduce foreign teachers and standardize their management

Project of International Language Environment Construction

1. Complete standardization of guided signs in foreign languages by 2020

2. Establish multilingual service platforms

3. Government departments and foreign-related enterprises offer foreign language versions of poruals and international conferences will be hosted in both Chinese and English

Project of Foreign Language Level Assessment

1. Implement foreign language skill assessment systems

2. Supervise and inspect regularly to ensure efficiency 

3. Encourage groups of different industries to compile their own basic requirements and assessment systems for learning foreign language skills

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