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Mr.Tong Daochi Met With The Minister Of Foreign Affairs Of Sierra Leone

By Afra Jin/Hellosanya


On January 14th Mr.Tong Daochi, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee and Sanya Party Secretary,  met with the delegation lead by Allie Kabba,Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone.They exchanged ideas concerning cooperation in specific areas including the agriculture and tourism industries.


Mr. Tong Daochi gave a brief introduction of the economic situation and social development in English.

Mr. Tong Daochi said: "Sanya and Sierra Leone share a similar climate. The prospect of cooperative relations will remain bright. We are looking forward to more mutually beneficial  partnerships with Sierra Leone regarding tourism, agriculture, fishing, education, modern services and other industries. We are sure that we will achieve win-win developments."


Brief Introduction of Sierra Leone 


Sierra Leone, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, informally Salone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the northeast, Liberia to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest. It has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment ranging from savanna to rainforests. The country has a total area of 71,740 km2 (27,699 sq mi) and a population of 7,075,641 as of the 2015 census. 


Sierra Leone has relied on mining, especially diamonds, for its economic base. It is also among the largest producers of titanium and bauxite, is a major producer of gold, and has one of the world's largest deposits of rutile. Sierra Leone is home to the third-largest natural harbour in the world.

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