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Sanya Economic and Central Business Area Launch Announced

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya


On February 22nd Sanya government announced the official launch of the construction of the Economic and Central Business Area of Sanya Headquarters. The first five plots of land in Dong An Leading Block will be sold on the market from February 23rd. With a strict construction design and planning, Central Park, Central Business Circle and a series of urban landmark projects will be established here. Dong An Leading Block will be an important window of Hainan FTZ with Chinese characteristics.

To coordinate and promote the construction of the Economic and Central Business Area of Sanya Headquarters, Sanya government will insist on land conservation standards. To build it into a classic “project in a new era”, more top corporations will be invited to participate in the development and construction of Dong An Block.


Design Plan

Central City Park


Dong An Wetland Park

Dong An Block will surround the Dong An Wetland Park, which is located in Jiyang District, adjacent to Jinjiling and Fenghuang Road in the west of Sanya, east of the East River. The wetland park covers an area of about 668,000 square meters, making it the largest freshwater wetland park in the city. With an excellent ecological function, Dong An Block will be a Central City Park of Sanya, which has the potential and advantages to become a new urban center of Sanya in the future. 

Central Business Circle


Visual Ref

The construction plan of Dong An Block is strategically oriented in building an International Tourism Consumption Center. Relying on the location, transportation, education and medical facilities of the Dong An Wetland Park, a new large comprehensive Consumption Business Circle & Business Core-area will be established. 

New City Landmark


The first batch of buildings will be new landmarks of the Sanya headquarters and well as a new landmark of Hainan FTZ, and a symbol of the deepening reform and opening-up of Hainan in a new era.

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