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Sanya Key Project List 2019

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya


34 key projects will be established in Sanya this year. The intended investment for 2019 is 21.086 billion Yuan and the total investment will be 325.77 billion Yuan.

All Area Projects(8)

1. Sanya Headquarters

Economic Zone and Central Business Zone

2. Education and Culture

Sanya High School Affiliated with Renmin University of China

Sanya High School Affiliated with Shanghai International Studies University

High School of Science and Technology 

3. Culture City

Sanya Opera House

Sanya Concert Hall and Art Gallery

Culture Projects of Ya Zhou District

4. Medical 

Expansion Projects: Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 

Construction Project: Hainan 3rd People's Hospital

5. Sanya Urban Construction Project

Domestic sewage treatment in rural areas

Water purification project in Talent City

Palm Beach Riverside Park

Water system reconstruction of Sanya High and New Technology Industry park

6. West-to-Centre Water Transfer Project

7. Transition Project: Freight railway (between Sanya and Ledong) to public transportation 

8. Transportation network

Expanding Project of motorways in rural areas

Tunnel Projects: Yalong Bay

Construction Project of Haitang Bay Railway Station

Urban Beltway Project

Airport Express Project

Rotary Island Highway Project (Between Ling Shui to Haitang Bay)

Haitang District Projects (10)

9. Haichang Fantasy Town Project

10. Yezhou Island National Coast Project

11. Nan Fan National Experimental Field for hybrid rice 

12. Medical Projects:

Sanya Hospital Branch of Peking University School of Stomatology

Tai Ping International Health Care Project of Haitang Bay

13. Bao Li C+ International Expo Center

14. Haitang Bay urban road reconstruction project 

15. Motorways project: Wuzhi Mountain -Bao Ting-Sanya

16. Squatter Settlement Rebuilding Project of Haitang District

17. Haitang Bay Entrepreneurial guarantee project 

18. Haitang Paddy Field Park Project 


Jiyang District Projects (9)

19. Summer Interactive Plaza

20. Tourism Culture Complex Hotel Project

21. SINA Internet Industry Base

22. Hainan Tropical Ocean University Project

23. Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Jiyang District)

24. Culture and Sports:

Culture Centre Project

Sports Centre Project

25. Settlement Rebuilding Project of Jiyang District

26. Municipal infrastructures of Banling Hot spring

27. Rose Town Yalong Bay

Tianya District Projects (3)

28. Jia Xiang Logistics Centre 

29. Settlement Rebuilding Project of Tianya District

30. New Airport construction

Yazhou District Projects (3)

31. Science and Technology Town of Yazhou Bay

Marine Science and Technology Innovation Experimental Park

Deep Sea Experimentation Site

Nan Fan Biological Breeding Zone

Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Yazhou District)

Nan Fan Science and Technology Town

32. Infrastructures of University Town

33. Nan Fan Science and Technology Town Infrastructures


Technology incubator

34. Infrastructures of Deep Sea Science and Technology Town

Motorways construction

Urban Beltway Project

Yazhou Bay

Ningyuan River Wetland Park Ecological Science and Technology Sports Park

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