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Hainan— The First Province to Ban the Sale of Petrol & Diesel Vehicles

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya


On January 8th a press conference was held in Haikou to discuss the ban of petrol vehicles. Regulations on Air Pollution Prevention in Hainan Province (REGULATION)have now been formally announced. According to the REGULATION: From March 1st this year, the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles will be gradually banned. To support the implementation of this new policy, more charging stations and charging devices for electric vehicles will be set up. By 2030 petrol and diesel vehicles will be prohibited. This means Hainan will be the first province in China to ban the sale of petrol vehicles.


In May 2018, Hainan carried out a number plate limit for cars. On July 2018 an agreement to establish a National Demonstration Zone of New Energy Vehicles was signed in Haikou.


European countries introduced policies of banning petrol and diesel vehicles a long time ago. The Zero Release Vehicle Alliance was launched at the United Nation's Conference On Climate Change in 2015. Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, as well as 18 states of the United States are part of this alliance. They jointly promised to prohibit the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2050.

Along with the implementation of the REGULATION in Hainan, a schedule ban of the sale of fuel vehicles is set to be implemented in the near future.

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