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The 15th China · Sanya February Second Festival At Dongtian Park

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya

"February Second" is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals. A series of festival customs will take place on February 2nd (lunar) to worship the dragon in order to avoid drought and pray for the upcoming harvest.


The 15th China Sanya February Second Festival, South Sea Benediction Ceremony, will be held from March 8th to March 10th at Dongtian Park. The festival is aimed at upgrading Sanya's tourism brand according to traditional culture.

Hainan Traditional Intangible Cultural Heritage Performance Show


The 3-day festival will deliver a super cultural feast to the public. Expet an opening ceremony, a benediction ceremony, a gourmet carnival and a wide range of entertainment events. Through these interesting events, you will learn more about "February Second" and experience the unique glamour of this traditional culture.

South Sea Benediction Ceremony


“Memories of February Second Photo Exhibition” will be held at Sanya Linchunling Forest Park—a branch venue of the festival. The exhibition will present the development course of China, Sanya February Second Festival. Wonderful performances, interesting games, lucky draws and many other activities are expected to take place. 

China ·Sanya February Two Festival


China Sanya "February Second" Festival is an important cerebration held annually at Dongtian Park. This event has been held at the park for 14 now going on to 15 years. The festival carries excellent local culture and introduces the traditions of this festival. It has gradually become the main way for local people to keep their cultural memories alive. It is a highly praised event, even by tourists from other cities.

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