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How to Open a Free Trade Account in Hainan?

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya

The free trade account for Hainan FT was launched at the beginning of this year. 


What is the Hainan FT account?

The Hainan Free Trade Account(FT Account) is a convertible accounting system with RMB as its base currency, using unified accounting rules and taking into account different types of risk management between the Renminbi and foreign currencies.

Market entities can conduct investment, financing, exchange and other cross-border transactions applicable to the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone (Port), which is the country's 12th FTZ.

Where can you open a FT account?

The first group of commercial banks to launch the FT accounts are the Bank of China (Hainan Branch) and the Haikou Branch of the Pudong Development Bank.


Bank of China (Hainan Branch)

Bank of China (Hainan Branch) has successfully achieved the first launch of diverse business operation services related to the FT account.

89 Bank of China branches around Hainan now provide services to help you open such an account. 

For more information contact: 

0898-88676069 (Sanya)

0898-66562406 (Haikou)

Pudong Development Bank(Haikou Branch)

The Haikou Branch of Pudong Development Bank has rich experience in financial services in all national Free Trade Zone areas. They will offer clients «four in one » cross-border financial service systems which will include traditional onshore account, offshore account (OSA),overseas branch account, and an FT account. To provide a better service to customers from six main industries of Hainan, they have officially announced a financial service plan for Hainan FTZ.

For more information contact:


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