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Sanya’s Toilet Revolution: A New Tourism Platform Will Help You Find Toilets!

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya

To enhance the image of Sanya and optimize tourism services, a Travel Toilet Service platform (Wechat search: 三亚旅游厕所) has been introduced. This new platform is supposed to solve basic problems by applying technology and “Internet+”. Through this platform, tourists are able to leave comments about Sanya’s public toilets which will help to improve the cleanliness of these toilets. 



The platform searches for toilets by distance and the conditions of the facilities. According to statistics, there are 651 public toilets in total, among them there are 134 municipal toilets, 428 tourist toilets and 89 "Open Alliance" toilets. The Travel Toilet Service platform has covered 467 of them, including 221 in Jiyang District, 37 in Haitang District, 166 in Tianya District and 43 in Yazhou District. Sanya will devote to the full coverage of all public toilets in rural areas. Most of Sanya’s public toilets has been marked with service QR codes.




Internet and technology have contributed to the development of information services, making it easier for the public to get the exact location and information about public toilets.



Photo sources:SANYA RIBAO APP

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