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Construction Outline of The Economic And Central Business Start-up Area of Sanya Headquarters

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Construction outline of the Economic and Central Business Start-up Area of Sanya Headquarters (CENTRAL BUSINESS START-UP AREA) includes 4 main blocks: Phoenix Coast Block, Yuechuan Block, Dong'an Block and Hailuo Block, covering a total area of 43900 kilometers.


Developing Orientation

Central Business Start-up Area is intended to develop into an international economic and central business cluster area, which will lead to an increased  international tourism consumption.

Layout Structure


Business Area: International Business Office Area along Yingbin Road

Coastal Area: Sanya Bay Cultural Coastal Area will combine free trade services, culture and artistic exhibitions, tourism consumption circle, international cruise boat experience and several other functions.

Ecological Area: Ecological economic corridors are designed to be constructed.  

Function Area: 4 blocks have their own unique functions

Main functions


Phoenix Coast Block

Free trade services, international cruise port, supporting services of international yacht ports and comprehensive consumption of culture and art.


Yuechuan block

Waterfront culture business, business office and supporting services for international talents.


Dong'an Block

Business office of headquarters, leisure and business around wetland.


Hailuo block

International talent community, international hospitals and international schools.

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