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Wenmen Village's May Fourth Performance Ended Successfully

The 2019 Hainan Free Trade Zone May Fourth Youth Festival Sanya International Youth Charity Event was successfully held at 20:50 on May 4th at the Children's Park in Wenmen Village, Tianya District, Sanya. The leaders, guests and citizens who participated in the event were about 1,000 people. They gathered here to celebrate the May 1st holiday, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic, and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Youth Movement.


At 7 o'clock in the evening, the event officially kicked off in the dance "I love Sanya" of the foreign dance team. After that, the Hainan classic national repertoire performed by the foreign Honey Band, the foreign Li costume display model show, the "No More Contact" brought by Chinese famous singer--Xia Tian, Achi’s magic show, the foreign dance show, the multi-ethnic music sung by Honey Band, the ceremonial model show and other wonderful programs have  won the applause of the audience.





The reason why this charity performance was chosen in Wenmen Village in Tianya District is because it is a “millennial ancient village” in Hainan. It has a long history of culture and an excellent ecological environment, and it was also included in the list of the country's first “green villages” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Under the guidance of "Five-Year Action Plan for the Construction of Beautiful Villages in Hainan Province (2016~2020)" issued by the Hainan provincial government, with the beautiful countryside as the carrier and the continuous promotion of global tourism as the background, the government has organized colorful cultural activities to let more people in the world pay attention to the process of the construction of beautiful villages, so as to write a new chapter of beautiful China in Hainan. The beautiful countryside not only has green mountains, green waters, blue sea and blue sky, but also has diversified new formats. Therefore, Wenmen Village in Tianya District is the best place to hold this activity.



The event aims to open up the multicultural perspective of young citizens and young entrepreneurs in Sanya through special festivals such as the May Fourth Youth Festival and international performances, so that people can actively participate in the construction of beautiful villages, which is conducive to promoting the sense of social resposibility and the development of Sanya.


“It was wonderful,” said 45-year-old villager Li Fuyin after watching the show. “they are basically foreign actors and singers. When I heard foreigners singing Hainan songs and saw Li people’s clothes on display, I was really surprised. Foreign friends can sing the classic songs of Hainan ethnic minorities, which shows that under the international background of Hainan free trade area, Sanya is gradually going international. I hope more such activities to be held in the future, so as to continuously introduce excellent culture!”



The event is mainly directed by Sanya Municipal Tourism and Culture Radio, Film and Sports Bureau, hosted by Sanya City Federation of Industry and Commerce Youth Enterprise Committee, undertook by Sanya OFIA International Culture Media Co., Ltd, sponsored by Hainan Weilun Law Firm, and co-organized by the 8th Division of the China Lions Association Hainan Representative Office. The following sponsored support companies are on the media to promote the spirit of the May Fourth Movement in Sanya.


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