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The 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition (Sanya) and the Unicorn Growth Sharing

By Asia Guan/ HelloSanya


On July 5th, the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition (Sanya) and the Unicorn Growth Sharing Meeting were both held at the Sanya Internet Double Innovation Center.


Leaders from the Sanya Human Resources & Social Security Bureau, the Sanya Education Bureau, the Sanya Youth League Committee, the Municipal  Poverty Alleviation Office, and the Municipal Women's Federation attended the event and announced the official launch of the competition. At the event, hundreds of people witnessed the launch of the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition (Sanya).

The competition was hosted by the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Youth League Committee, the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office, the Municipal Women's Federation, and the Municipal Human Resources Development Bureau and Hainan Lvchuang Technology Co., Ltd. He Shukai, director of the Municipal Human Resources Development Bureau, delivered a speech at the launch ceremony and announced the schedule of the competition.

The theme of this "Haichuang Cup" entrepreneurship competition is based on "Creating New Hainan and Sharing New Opportunities". The competition in Sanya is divided into three stages: preliminary, semi-final and final. The competition will take place over a period of two months. Through the competition, 11 high-quality innovative projects will be selected and recommended to compete in the Hainan Provincial Competition of the 10th Hai Chuang Cup Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition.


Lai Jianle ( the CEO of Xindao Technology Co., Ltd.) said that he will strictly abide by the various assessment rules and select high-quality enterprises and projects for this competition in Sanya.


For the first time in this competition, poverty alleviation projects will be set up. In the direction of industrial development of poverty-stricken villages, excellent projects will be selected for the industrial development of poverty-stricken areas in the city, help to alleviation poberty and introduce entrepreneurial innovation.


Another theme is the Unicorn Enterprise Growth Sharing Meeting. Gao Zheng, a senior Internet expert who was the CEO of the Crowdfunding Business Department of JD Digital Technology Group and the CEO of Alibaba Taobao Crowdfunding, was invited to share information on the growth of the unicorn enterprise. He mainly shared his experience in Internet e-commerce giants such as JD and Alibaba, and the opportunities and methods of Internet e-commerce entrepreneurship.


The schedule of the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition (Sanya) is as follows:

Contest Release Conference   Friday, July 5, 2019;


Presentation 1                 Thursday,  July 11, 2019;

Presentation 2                 Thursday , July 18, 2019;

Preliminary contest         Tuesday, August 6, 2019;

Rematch                          Tuesday August 13, 2019;

Pre-final training            Tuesday, August 16, 2019;

Finals and Awards          Friday, August 20, 2019;

Provincial pre-match training   Tuesday August 23, 2019;

Participate in the provincial competition in early September





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