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Hello Sanya Annual Yacht Party!

On the 7th of September, Hello Sanya held its annual yacht party which was massive success. There were over one hundred foreign internet celebrities, travel bloggers, tourists and locals that joined the fun. The objective was simple: let them experience the Hainan and Sanya energy in a way many would have never dreamed of. HelloSanya uses events like this to get onto people's social media, exposing this beautiful but relatively unknown city - tropical Sanya. 




The Hello Sanya Annual Yacht Party had plenty of entertainment with music from some of Sanya's most talented local DJs. The event included an armada of thirty yachts positioned close together in a "C" shape formation. The event also included motorboats for speed, a seaplane, trampolines, parasailing, an abundance of floats, toys and watersports. 



In addition to the action that was held at sea with the yacht party, the second part of the evening included tickets to the internationally acclaimed "C Show" at Atlantis Resort. The "C Show" at Atlantis is a theatre performance that tells an amazing story of love and courage that does not give up on hope. It's based on a mysterious ocean legend and consists of professional actors and acrobats from eleven countries. The "C Show" puts you in the middle of the enchanting world of the sea. 



Guests of the HelloSanya Annual Yacht Party recorded the fun and broadcasted Sanya to the world. They wrote articles and shared photos with their followers globally. The information shared about Sanya was in numerous languages including Chinese, English, and Russian, just to name a few. Hainan Yacht Tourism and Sanya's local entertainment culture reached many new markets for the first time. Be sure to check out the after-movie for the Hello Sanya Annual Yacht Party by clicking the link below: YouTube,  VK,  QQ video.

Sanya's reputation as an international tourist destination is growing with each of these events. The HelloSanya Annual Yacht Party was organized in part by: The Sanya Tourism Board, Sanya Television and Radio Bureau, The Sports Bureau, SanyaHoliday company and OFIA company.

The Hainan Government is working closely with HelloSanya to bring more media attention to Sanya city: Forever tropical paradise. 


HelloSanya company is a creative media company based in Sanya (Hainan) that has focused on sharing the beauty of Sanya with the world. HelloSanya often holds events that attract both Chinese and foreigners from different countries. These events include pool parties, contests, exhibitions and excursions to some of Sanya's most beautiful locations like the Tropical Rainforest Park, BingLangGu, DaXiao DongTian Park, Yanoda Park and so on. HelloSanya try hard to put Sanya on the map and to make Sanya more competitive with other popular tropical tourist destinations like Bali or Phuket islands. 


Yang Kun, the organizer of the event and the General Manager of the Sanya OFIA Company, said: «Sanya was selected for the Annual Yacht Party because the surrounding waters are perfect for yacht tourism and sailboats. Sanya also has some of Hainan's best weather year-round».


HelloSanya Bloggers Media Exhibition- HelloSanya is looking for you! 

The Second Hello Sanya Bloggers Exhibition will be held in November. HelloSanya is looking for thirty well-traveled individuals with very large followings on their social media accounts to attend the event. 


You may get a free flight, hotel, and accommodation, meals, excursions and parties and all you have to do is tell the world about Sanya!

Do you qualify? Please get in contact with HelloSanya by sending your portfolio and profile to:


Or contact Cherie on Wechat: 


Be sure to also include a few screenshots of your social media accounts and followers. Videos and accounts with high traffic and views are a bonus that could help you! 


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