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Bloggers Exhibition press conference! 2019

HelloSanyas beginning to make preparations for their second official International Media Bloggers Exhibition commencing with the Press conference held on the 27th of October 2019



Various people from the Sanya community, international news outlets and tourists gathered at Haiyue Square in Sanya Bay for the press conference to give attention to the details of the Sanyas second-ever Media Bloggers Exhibition. With special guests and dynamic dance performance, onlookers watched in awe.

Guest speakers including investigator of the Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau, Tang Si XianGeneral Manager of Sanya OFIA Culture Media Co. Ltd, Yang KunSecretary General of the Tourism Seafood Association, Wang PeiPresident of Sanya Tourism wedding associationXu Wei and President of the Homestay Association, Gao Li. Gave details about the exhibition which is due to be held from the 17th of November until the 2th of November.


The exhibition is our opportunity to show off our glorious little island to the rest of the world known as ‘china’s Hawaii’ it’s been an overlooked vacation spot for many years. By inviting around 30 well-known media influencers from countries all across the world such as England, Russia, America and many from all over Europe, we strive that their social media presence can provide another presence to Hainan. opening up the eyes of the world to the home of the famous Hainanese chicken, crystal clear waters and tropical rainforests.   

For those who are unfamiliar with the island of Hainan situated in the South China Sea just off the mainland. It's a place ample with sleepy seaside towns, its own unique culture that is mixed with the traditional Li and Han well-known civilizations that, over time, have picked up the spice of foreign influences. When you think of China it's more than certain that you are not imagining a tropical island full of white sandy beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls and warm weather all year round. 

This seven-day long Exhibition is an opportunity for Sanya to gleam as another top tropical travel destination. Sanya is ever-growing with new measures of inbound tourism marketing also being explored, also the increase in outbound routes being introduced to the island is more accessible than ever! As of 2019 new Visa-free transit services have become available to promote tourism. To further promote our incredible island we have invited several overseas media outlets to the exhibitions, with many international festivals coming up throughout this year and next to help promote Sanya. If you believe you are able to help stimulate the growth of Sanya please check out the information below!  

Hello Sanya Travel is looking for international media bloggers


2019 2nd HelloSanya International Media Bloggers Photography Exhibition

Guided by: Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau

Organized by: Sanya OFIA Culture Media Co., Ltd

Date: Nov.17-Nov.25 2019

Offer: Air tickets + 7 days 5 star hotel accommodation + food

Flight requirements: Media bloggers must be based in countries that have direct flights to Sanya or transfer to Sanya from Hong Kong

Application conditions: Participants must have over 100k followers on their social media platforms (Facebook, VK, YouTube, Instagram etc.)


Bloggers need to share photos and videos on their media platforms daily after each tour. Screenshots of the number of likes, reposts and views must be sent to the organizer

Additional bonus for bloggers:

1. Organizer will offer every blogger a Sanya Travel Talent certificate

2. 90 foreign-language media resources will promote bloggers who attend this event

3. The organizer will share photos, videos and introduce the bloggers and their work on 90 foreign-language media outlets

3. A photography exhibition showcasing the bloggers work will be held

Please visit official website for more information: http://www.hellosanya.com 

Or email niindaal.hellosanya.com

Written by: AL 小乔

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