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A Mischievous Time On Monkey Island



Located in the Nanwan Peninsula, about 14 kilometers south of Lingshui Country, Hainan Province lies the hidden Nanwan Monkey island. Covered in unique plants, enriched with a wide variety of extraordinary animals and countless caves to explore across the mountain.



The long and narrow peninsula covering an estimated 10.2square kilometers. The island is also wrapped in an enchanting forest that covers approximately 95% and is Surrounded by crystal clear waters that spread over three sides of the island This truly is an incredible place to spend a day or two whilst on the tropical island of Hainan.




Whilst taking the brief Cable cart ride across the tranquil tropical bay if you look down you will get a glimpse of the fishing port below where the Dan people live. Take in the scenery on your short ride to the island breathing in the fresh pure air from the dense forestation. When entering the scenic area it will be clear that you have entered into a green utopia and are in for a truly memorable experience.



When visiting Nanwan monkey island you will find yourself draped in monkeys so be sure to keep your valuables safe and remove all food and drinks from your bags before you enter the scenic area or say goodbye to your designer bags and fancy hats because the monkeys are extraordinarily cheeky and are not afraid to be mischievous! Usually, the monkeys are on their best behavior basking under the trees, swooping from tree to tree or just playing a game of tag through the park


The macaques are often splashing around the waterfalls, cooling off under the coconut trees, climbing up the vines then descending deep into the water. it’s a truly remarkable sight to see. This area is known as their "sacred bath pool”.

The monkeys roam freely around the island and some, not many, are used in cruelty-free performances. The monkeys perform a quick routine diving from high platforms to show how graceful they are in the water, as well as an acrobatic show.




Nanwan Monkey Island scenic area has been as an AAAA national level scenic area, also ranked as one od the top ten scenic area in Hainan and holds the Hainan tourism scenic area title and is one of Hainan’s top ten Bright brands.



Nanwan Monkey Island has the famous brand name of Hainan Province, which establishes its brand status as a high-quality tourism scenic spot in the tourism market in Hainan Province. In June 2004, Nanwan Monkey Island scenic spot passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certification, and established a full set of quality and environmental management systems.

Address In chinese: 南湾猴岛生态旅游景区(陵水南湾村)

Address in English: Nanwan Monkey Island - Houdao Ecology Tourism Area

Take a taxi which is about an hours drive from Dadonghai or the inter-city bus line 2 from Sanya railway station.

Ticket prices: 160CNY includes round trip ropeway or boat.
Chidren betwwen 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters enjoy an entry fee of 80CNY

Open hours: 8:00 - 17:00

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