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Huge Discount on China Rendez-Vous Sailing Night

The 10th edition of Yachts - Aviation - Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition, China Rendez-Vous is coming soon! 

As “Passion Makes a Legend, Vision Inspires Better Living” is this year’s theme, the China Rendez-Vous will bring you a high quality and high-end lifestyle exhibition. 2019 Miss Work China Fashion Week Night and 2019 Miss World Fashion Show will be held during the exhibition. Audiences will be able to meet the pageant winners and watch the fashion shows at the Sanya Visun Times Coast (三亚鸿洲时代海岸), where the China Rendez-Vous is going to be held. A series of activities will take place during the China Rendez-Vous exhibition including the Supercars Sight-seeing Tour, the Opening Ceremony, Welcome Dinner, The King’s Feast (art exchange), Hainan Yacht Industry Talk, Hainan & Hong Kong & Macau Free Travel Policy Interpretation Dialogue, Financial Venture Capital Forum, and the China Celebrity Golf Tournament to name just a few.


This year there will be a “Sailing Night” which is set to be an amazing sailing music bar activity. The Sailing Night will integrate Sanya’s beautiful night scene with sailboats, music, food and wine. The Sailing Night will be held from 20:00 to 22:30 every night of the event with different themes during the exhibition which are sure to impress attendees.



2019 China Rendez-Vous Sailing Night:

Dec. 13th, Pop Music Night

Performance by Russian band Horny Pink. The lead singer, VALIYA will knock your socks off with her amazing voice. David the keyboardist, Fedor the guitarist, and James the drummer, are very popular icons at the Strawberry Music Festival and Midi Festival. These are China’s most well-known music festivals. 



Dec. 14th, Classical Music Night

The audience can expect to be dazzled by the sweet melody played by the black and white keys of the piano. Immersed in the beautiful sound, listeners are sure to feel inspired. The special Hang performance is believed to heal your soul and relax your mind. Definitely not to be missed!




Dec. 15th, Electronic Music Night

Enjoy a fabulous night with the sound of dynamic and energetic music. With its spirit of positivity, the electronic music not only represents a music style but also a unique musical culture.



The organizer will host wedding dress shows and lucky draws on the Sailing Night as well. You are sure to have a blast on the Sailing Night.



The organizer of the Sailing Night, Hainan Hongzhou Marine Tourism Co., Ltd., will explore foreign tourists’ preferences for yacht sailing, promote nautical culture and provide a one stop service center in yachting entertainment projects. Hainan Hongzhou Marine Tourism Co., Ltd. has 18 wholly owned yachts and 70 jointly owned yachts and is able to host 1,000 people during sailing races and team building activities. The company’s yacht travel products have achieved high recognition from local and international tourists.


HelloSanya has 10 seats for every Sailing Night (680 RMB/seat), and will offer you a big discount. HelloSanya is offering tickets at 300 RMB (FOOD, DRINKS AND SHOWS INCLUDED). 

The tickets will include the following:

1. Access to the French imported double powered yacht (limit to 10 people) for 2.5 hours

2. x2 tickets to the Atlantis C Show (Validity: Dec. 13th to Dec. 16th)

3. Food and wine provided by 5 star hotels

4. Sailing Night Music Show and the Wedding Dress Show

5. Close up look at the China Rendez-Vous exhibition

If you are interested, please scan the QR codes below and contact Mr. T or Garlic to purchase a ticket!

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