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2020 Culture & Tourism Int'l Summit and World Hotel Forum Held in Sanya

2020 Culture & Tourism International Summit and World Hotel Forum / Sanya Bay Fortune Dialogue was held today in Sanya, the Oriental Hawaii. The 2 days summit and forum has attracted 150 attendees who are engaged in the government departments, the tourism & hotel industry, the culture & tourism investment and operation industry and the media industry.



With the theme of "China Cultural Tourism Revitalization and New Manufacturing under the Impact of COVID-19", this summit and forum was held to develop better communication and cooperation between the Chinese government and the International culture & tourism and hotel industry, in the aim of accelerating the development of China’s culture & tourism industry, boosting China’s tourism economy and contributing to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, under the big background that China is achieving outstanding performance in preventing COVID-19.



The culture & tourism and hotel industry is suffering due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The epidemic prevention and the revitalization of the tourism and hotel industry had become centered topics for all the attendees. Experts and representatives exchanged their ideas and share their perspectives digging and exploring the development prospect of the industry when facing the global epidemic.



“It means a lot to revitalize China’s culture & tourism and hotel industry, we are so excited to get inspired by hearing so many different and creative ideas”, one attendee said.


It is known that 2020 Culture & Tourism International Summit and World Hotel Forum had gained strong support from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA ), the Chinese government and some other authoritative industry-related organization home and abroad. 


Important sessions of this summit and forum have included "China’s Culture & Tourism Project Investment & Financing and Marketing Release", "2020 Presidium Meeting of World Hotel Association", "Pre-conference of the Establishment of the Presidium of The International Federation of Tourism and Hospitality and Its Asia-Pacific Institution", "Sanya Bay Fortune Dialogue", "Sanya City Image Publicity and Local Enterprises Promotion", "Industry Big Heads Speech and Entrepreneur Dialogue", "Continental Diamond Award Ceremony" and "Hainan Key Tourism Projects Inspection" and etc.



During the summit & forum, the Continental Diamond Award, the reputable brand of the industry, for years, gaining high recognition from the industry worldwide and the title “The Oscar of the Culture & Tourism and Hotel Industry”, hosted its 2020 award ceremony today and attracted a large number of attention.


                                                                                               Editor: Vita He

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