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20 entrepreneurs from the Sanya Lions Clubs went to an area in Tianya District for investigation.

They gathered new ideas for the industry and focused on the development of the Free Trade Zone (port). 

On July 9, 20 entrepreneurs from the Sanya Lions Clubs went to Maling community, which is located in the Tianya District of Sanya, to investigate the construction of a scenic area. They explored opportunities for cooperation and development while experiencing the cultural and tourism customs of the local village.


Tianya is a Mediterranean Fantasy town with the most oriental characteristics in Sanya. It is a very important part of OCT's practice of "three villages and one town" in Hainan. In 2017, Maling community was listed by the Sanya Municipal government as a model national coastal style community. The project is positioned as a blue and white area where "sea" and "sky" echo each other.


This is also the only “Yellow, Black, Green, White, Red” Five Dragon community theme block in China which retains the traditional dragon dance and dragon boat culture.

Once the entrepreneurs of the Sanya Lions Clubs arrived in Tianya town, the project leader gave a comprehensive and detailed speech about the overall development plan, and led the entrepreneurs to visit the parts of Tianya town, including the Five-Dragon community theme block, tourist service center, and book house, which are already under construction.




After listening and seeing the project developments, the entrepreneurs had a much more detailed understanding of the local location, strategic planning and project development prospects. The entrepreneurs also discussed investment and development ideas of  Tianya town.




Yuan Zhijie, leader of Sanya Lions Clubs, said that because of the epidemic, the company will strictly control the quantity and quality of investment this year, and the inspection and evaluation of target investment projects will be more rigorous. After visiting Tianya town, the entrepreneurs were very optimistic about the future prospects of Tianya town. In the context of the development of a Free Trade Port, the company will combine its own resources and strategies to make investments and construction according to local conditions.

In the post epidemic era, tourism industry will develop rapidly. More than 100 million people travel abroad each year, which is equivalent to a mobile country. In the post epidemic era, a portion of outbound tourism will be converted to domestic tourism, and more opportunities will be presented to travel destinations such as Tianya town. “I am very optimistic about such a destination with its good environment that combines culture and tourism” Wang Ridong (Chairman of the Sanya Lions Clubs) said.


This public welfare activity is organized by the Sanya Lions Clubs, a branch of China Council of Lions Clubs. The Lions Club actively publicizes the construction process of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (port) at home and abroad, constantly invites entrepreneurs from home and abroad to invest in Hainan, speeds up the process of attracting investment in the Hainan Free Trade Zone (port), and also conveys the spirit of helping others and serving the community. They make positive contributions to building a harmonious society.



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