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Sanya Branch of Hainan Lions Clubs: Targeted Poverty Alleviation Trip to Tailou Village!

Sept. 5th, 2020, entrepreneurs from Sanya Branch of Hainan Lions Clubs together with the medical team from the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, a total of 30 people, paid a visit to the underprivileged villagers at Tailou Village in Phoenix Town, Tianya District, Sanya. They brought the villagers supplies raised by the club and health examination service.


“Rice, oil, sausages, children's clothing, TVs, irrigation water pipes, pedestal pans for the disabled, chicks, chicken houses, chicken feed and funds raised by us were sent to the villagers in Tailou Village",  one club member introduced. Besides, the medical team made health examinations, B ultrasound of electrocardiograms and blood glucose testings for the villagers.


The funds and supplies were sent to villagers who are in need by the lions club members under the guidance of the village staff. What kind of difficulties they are facing and what kind of help they need told by villagers were carefully heard in order to call for more people joining in to help these people get rid of poverty and resolve their difficulties.


Wang Ridong, Chairman of Sanya Branch of Hainan Lions Clubs expressed this activity was initiated by GST, Hainan Representative Office of China Council of Lions Clubs, organized by the 8th Branch Office of Yefeng Service Team and other four branch offices in order to raise more attention to the unprivileged people living in the mountain area and help them get rid of poverty by calling for more strength joining in.


Since Jul. 30th, 2019, the 7th and 8th Branch Offices of Yefeng Service Team have organized four activities of this sort raising a total of 160,000 RMB funds and supplies to help people living in bad conditions in Hainan. The members of Sanya lions clubs for years have devoted to contribute to the poverty alleviation with the aim to encourage all the social classes to get engaged in public welfare activities, promote common prosperity and develop Hainan Free Trade Port.


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