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Worship the Dragon and Get Blessed at Sanya Dongtian Park!

Feb. 2nd of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is regarded as a very important day. This is the day the sleeping dragon will wake up and raise its head, announcing spring and farmers will start their farming work for the year. It is also called Dragon Head-Raising Day. Feb. 2nd of the Chinese Lunar Calendar falls on March 18th this year. On this day, Sanya Dongtian Park will host the 14th China (Sanya) Dragon-Head Raising Day Celebration and the Traditional Yazhou Folk & Custom Celebration Festival.





The admission fee for this event is about 100rmb depending on the package you choose. Local people can get a discount as long as they bring their ID.



The theme of the celebration is "Worshiping the Dragon for Blessings and Promoting Traditional Culture" which will cover a series of events and activities such as the Opening Ceremony of the Celebration, Worshiping Dragon for Blessings Celebration, Traditional Yazhou Folk & Custom Exhibition, Yazhou Folk Culture and Calligraphy Creation Club, Special Local Yazhou Food and Picture Exhibition, Dongtian Park Cultural Forum and Sinology Lectures.





On the Dragon Head-Raising Day, visitors can not only attend the above mentioned activities but they can also enjoy national cultural heritage projects such as the Da Chai Dance of Li Ethnic and Yazhou Folk Song, provincial cultural heritage projects like the Fishermen’s Song of Danjia, Li Brocading, Li Potting, King Pan Gu Dance of Miao Ethnic and also a municipal cultural heritage project "Drilling Wood to Get Fire".




Some local calligraphers and painters will exhibit calligraphy arts related to Sanya culture and Sanya scenery on this day. Lucky visitors might even get free art work!





Seeing as culture is such a major part of national properity, on March 18th, Dongtian Park will invite Chen Ming, a master of Confucianism and Professor at Capital Normal University.  Chen Ming will give a lecture on Confucian classics at the Sanya Library. Sinology lectures will be held in Xuan Miao Attic (玄妙阁) at Dongtian Park. Teachers are going to teach students how to chant traditional cultural classics and encourage young people to learn local tradition and culture and further promote traditional Chinese culture.





Since 2005, Sanya Dongtian Park has successfully organized 13 editions of the celebration festival on Dragon Head-Raising Day. The festival has become a signature for the Dongtian Park, which has attracted thousands of visitors. The festival also has a big influence on the local culture and tourism industry.




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