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A Taste of Sanya!


The charm of a city lies not only in the culture and beauty of the scenery but its charm also lies in the mouthwatering food it has to offer. Sanya, the wonderful tropical coastal city in the southmost part of China, is full of traditional food, Li & Miao ethnic style food and a mix of gourmet treats from all over China.


Food makes Sanya unique:



Produced by the Sanya Tourism Development Committee, a video advertising food in Sanya fully exibits the charm of this city. From the scenery to the food and the people, the video covers key elements. In the video, you can see food being transformed into works of art. You can see the process from the  appearance to the food process. This is a great way to learn about and strengthen the rich food culture of Sanya.




From the video, people will know that Sanya is a city with diverse food cultures from the most authentic seafood to  high-end luxury dishes. Local rural delicacies and appetizing street snacks are also featured in the video.





Discover Sanya with your eyes and feel Sanya with your taste buds!

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