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10 Hainan Snacks You Have to Try!

Hainan is well known for its local snacks. Today, we’d like to introduce you to 10 special Hainanese snacks including some of which local Hainan people have not heard of!

Qiankong Pudding (千孔糕)


Qiankong Pudding has a great reputation across China. Every pudding has  little holes and that’s why it was given the name Qiankong Pudding (Qiankong means a thousand holes). Actually, this snack was introduced to the Xinglong area by Indonesian Chinese who had returned to China in the 60s. The pudding became popular among tourists in the 90s when Xinglong became a popular tourist attraction. Qiankong Pudding is usually made of sticky rice, shredded coconut, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts and sugar. Other fillings are sometimes added as well.

Brown Sugar Rice Cake (红糖年糕)


A very traditional snack in Hainan and mainly seen on the table during the Chinese New Year. Made with sticky rice and brown sugar, the cake becomes very soft when steamed and has the aromatic  fresh fragrance of brown sugar. The Brown Sugar Rice Cake is a very popular treat particularly amongst girls.

Coconut Boat (椰子船)


Coconut Boat is also called Coconut Rice. It is a very traditional snack in Wenchang. Locals making this treat take the hard shells of coconuts and fill them with sticky rice, white sugar, fresh coconut juice and fresh milk. The stuffed coconuts are sealed and put into a big pot. They are then left to simmer in a covered pot over a slow fire for three to four hours. The coconuts are taken out and cut in to pieces which resemble little boats. The Coconut Boat is a great way to experience a taste of local Hainan flavor. 

Sorghum Cake with Coconut Shreds (椰香高粱粑)


This is a popular snack in Qionghai and Wanning. Washed sorghum and sticky rice are mixed with clean water and ground  in to the rice milk. The milk is then put into a cloth bag and all the water is squeezed out. The remaining mix is then shaped into round cakes. The cakes are steamed and shredded coconut is sprinkled on top of each cake.

Dongshan Pancake (东山烙饼)


Dongshan Pancake is known as the best pancake in Hainan, some might even say even in China! It is crispy, soft and has a unique special flavor. This pancake can only be found in Dongshan because of its secret recipe which is only known by Dongshanling Restaurant (东山岭餐厅).

Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Shreds (椰丝糯米粑)


A very commonly found snack in Hainan. Sticky rice flour is used to make the pie crust. The pie is stuffed with fresh coconut shreds, sesame seeds, ground peanuts and white sugar. It is then wrapped with wild pineapple leaves and finally steamed. The cake has a sticky texture but it tastes very fresh and sweet.

Chonggxing Chishao (重兴赤烧)


This is the most famous snack in Chongxing Town. Chishao also called Chashao, is a pork product. The best pork cuts are selected and cooked to create a treat that tastes soft, sweet, and a little bit spicy.

Zhendai (珍袋)


High quality sticky rice is chosen for the pie crust which is stuffed with more than ten different kinds of stuffings. Zhendai is a very popular snack. It is fried in peanut oil. This snack tastes very refreshing.

Yiguo (意粿)


When you eat Yiguo, be sure to wash your hands!  The easiest way to eat is to use you hands and peel the wrapped coconut leaves. From the very first bite, a strong fresh fragrance and taste of the coconut shreds stuffing will make your taste buds tingle!

Dongge Guozi (东阁粿子)


Dongge Guozi is made with wet flour. With its very smooth and sticky flavor, Dongge Guozi is often added into sweet coconut milk and ice cubes. A cool and refreshing snack choice during the hot summer months.

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