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Taste Creative Homemade Cuisine at Mi Xia Café


I know Mi Xia because of Mi Xia Café (米夏咖啡馆).

Mi Xia is a girl from Hainan who started her own business in Sanya.

She worked in Guangzhou and Shanghai after graduating.

Her love for coffee made her decide to return to Sanya and open a Café.


"Probably because I was born in July, I am as passionate as the sun in July. I started up my business without any hesitation." Mi Xia said.



At the beginning, Mi Xia planned to supply one homemade meal a day to just one client, mainly coffee and desserts. Mi Xia soon discovered that homemade cuisine was very popular and this became part of her brand.



Passionately cooking each dish is what makes Mi Xia happy and she enjoys this life so very much.



She puts what she has learned into creating food. She mixes fruits into her creations. Fruit Fish (水果鱼), Citronella Shrimp (香茅虾), Citronella Beef (香茅牛肉) and Tropical Storm Tofu (热带风暴豆腐), are some of the popular dishes Mi Xia has created.




Mi Xia Café has a small exclusive vegetable garden which was asserted by Mi Xia and her friends. They plant their own vegetables and herbs. Having an exclusive vegetable garden ensures that customers get the best quality produce.



Mi Xia is a passionate and sincere girl. She says, "I enjoy my present life very much. I like meeting different people every day and the challenges that come with making different dishes."



"My family is always the strongest backbone of my life. I hope I can endeavor to live better now and spend more time with my family in the future. I will cherish every moment of my life."

Mi Xia Cafe 

Address: Room 206, Block 5, Yi Jing Bay, Chunguang 2nd Road, Sanya City (三亚市春光二路怡景湾5栋206)



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Translated by: Hellosanya

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