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Southernmost Ice Stadium Located in Sanya!

Sanya Ice-Snow World ( 三亚冰雪大世界) is located in Tianaya District, Sanya (三亚天涯区新城路中段) and it is the only ice stadium in Sanya. The stadium is made up of gas film and it's the first ice stadium in the southernmost part of China. 


The stadium not only provides entertainment on the ice. Visitors can enjoy a one stop experience that covers catering, shopping, travelling and education.


Since it's opening, the stadium has attracted a lot of tourists. Businesses such as hotels and food outlets in the surrounding areas are also booming thanks to the stadium.

“We never expected that there would be such a large ice stadium in a tropical area, it is amazing”said a tourist from Chongqing. Many tourists expressed that they came to Sanya for a tropical cultural experience but they felt drawn to the ice stadium as the concept of an ice stadium in the middle of a tropical paradise is very unexpected and unusual.


A governor said that the opening of the ice stadium will further enrich the sports tourism products and services that Sanya has to offer. “The introduction of snow-ice projects will activate the sports and culture market, develop sports projects and allow the tourism industry to flourish" said the governor.

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