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There is an "Inner Mongolia grassland" in tropical Hainan!

Hainan impresses visitors with its tropical scenery but visitors who may never think that they can see a prairie in the southmost island of China. Actually, there is a large grassland in Hainan, the Qiongbei Prairie, stretching from Haikou Sanjiang Farm to the Luodou Farm and ends between Puqian Town and Jinshan Town. 


The Sea Flower Base of the prairie with an area of 91 Mu (about 60,667 sq. meters) is located in Luodou Farm, Wenchang City, which is going to be opened to the public by Chinese New Year. The flower base features more than 10 varieties of flowers including galsang flower, youth-and-old-age, sun flower and etc. The galsang flowers is blooming now like a miles long flower carpet, which definitely worth a visit. Besides, five Mongolian yurts are under construction, which is going to be visitors’ dinning places once completed. Imagine how wonderful to enjoy the breath-taking pictures brought by the sea flower while taste the excellent roast lamb legs.




It is learned that the Qiongbei Prairie complex project began its construction in August, 2017, with an estimated investment of 100 million RMB. The project will be divided to two phases, covering a total of 10,000 Mu (about 6,666,667 sq. meters). After the whole project finished, the prairie can raise 100,000 Dongshan goats and has a forage processing capacity of 1 million tons.


The project plays a very important role in developing modern ecological agriculture and tourism in Wenchang City.


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