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"Hainan Kitchen" to be Featured at the Hongkong International Food Expo

On July 3rd, the Hainan Tourism Development Commission held an exhibition for the upcoming 2018 "Hainan Kitchen" Hong Kong International Food Expo . More than 20 Hainan speciality catering companies including Hainan Longquan Group Co., Ltd., Hainan Locomotive Catering Co., Ltd., and Hainan Coconut Language Food Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the exhibition.



“Hainan Kitchen” attracted plenty of media attention at the 2017 Hong Kong Food Expo



In 2017, the Hainan Tourism Development Commission selected the  "Hainan Kitchen" theme for the first time to participate in three major exhibitions, including the Hong Kong International Tourism Expo, Macao International Tourism Expo and Hong Kong International Food Expo. Eight representative enterprises presented dozens of foods to enter "Hainan Kitchen". This event attracted worldwide attention, with more than 6000 people attending the four-day exhibition.

据了解, 2017年省旅游委首次以海南厨房为主题参加香港国际旅游博览会、澳门国际旅游博览会及香港国际美食博览会等三大展会,首批精选了8家代表性企业挑选数十种美食进驻海南厨房。吸引了国际游客的广泛关注。为期4天的展会上,超过6000人次参与互动活动。



Guests were very impressed and gave "Hainan Kitchen" a big thumbs up at the 2017 Macao International Tourism Expo



The Hainan Development Tourism Commission will introduce new versions of “Hainan Kitchen” to further  promote Hainan tourism resources this year. The new versions will consist of “Hainan Kitchen + Five Star Rated Hotels”, “Hainan Kitchen + Direct Flights”. At the same time, they will continue to strengthen O2O interactions to grow the image of “Hainan Kitchen”, and attract more tourists to Hainan.



To get a taste of Hainan, be sure not to miss the 2018 Hong Kong International Food Expo! This five day event will take place in Hong Kong from August 16th to August 20th.


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