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Are you looking for somewhere to go this weekend but don't want to break the bank? Read on and discover the best places for your budget.



Yalong Bay


It is a wonderful place with warm weather and picturesque scenery. Enjoy the blue sky, fresh air, rolling green hills, clear water, white sand and colorful underwater wonders. 

On the eight kilometer long coastline, the coconut plams dance in the wind. Many exotic plants and primitive tropical vegetation grow here. Resort hotels are scattered here and there, like bright pearls decorating Yalong Bay.

1530865008277717.jpgLocation : Yalong Bay National Resort, Jiyang District, Sanya

Sanya Bay



Sanya Bay starts from Sanya Port in the east and extends to Tianya Bay in the west. The 20-mile long coastal avenue stretches along the bay, dotted with coconut plams. The fishermen have a powerful rhythm at sunset when the red clouds fill the sky. "one, two, three", dozens of people struggle to haul in the catch of the day.

Do you want to go beach combing for lost treasure? Join them and experience the fisherman way of life.

1530865116851826.jpgLocation: Sanya Bay Tourist Area


Houhai Village


Houhai Village, also called Tenghai Village, is an ideal place to go alone or with friends. To the east side of the village is Haitang Bay and to the west is Queens Bay (also named Padding Bay, Houhai Bay). Compared to the beaches in Yalong Bay,  the sand is more delicate and the water is clearer.  It is a surfers paradise in winter.

There are many beaches where you can see the sunset, such as Dadonghai or Sanya Bay, but there are few places where you can see the sunrise. Houhai offers a unique sunrise experience.


Location: 35 kilometers away from the center of Sanya, between Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay 

Sunny Bay---Seaview Road 


Sunny Bay is deeply hidden in Yalong Bay. Go along a "hidden" path to get to Sunny Bay. This road is marvellous and could easily be the most beautiful seascape road in Sanya! On one side of the road is a thick tropical jungle, and on the other side is the blue sea. The bougainvillea in bloom welcome visitors!


Location : 19 kilometers away from the center of Sanya, Southwest of Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort

Xiaodonghai Beach


Xiaodonghai is located in the Luhuitou Tourism Development Zone and it is 4 kilometers away from the center of Sanya.Compared with Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai is like a quiet country girl sitting at the foot of Luhuitou Mountain. The coral reefs, sea otters, and white egrets, all enjoy the natural tranquility in Xiaodonghai. The clean beach and the coral reef make Xiaodonghai the best place for sightseeing in Sanya.

1530865427776393.jpg Location : 4 kilometers away from the center of Sanya, Luhuitou Tourist Area

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