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The Red Detachment of Women

During the Agricultural Revolution, a group of women on the island of Hainan decided to join the army.They fight for freedom.They are called the "Red Women Army".


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In May 1931, the first fully formed Women's Army was established in Hainan. The women fought 50 battles in 50 days, looking for light in the darkness. This is the prelude to the red miracle on Hainan Island.

1931年5月,在中国海南,第一支完整建制的娘子军成立, 500天50场战役120名娘子军战士,在黑暗中寻找光明和信念。海南岛上那场红色奇迹的序幕,就此拉开。


The enemy, Feng Chaotian, launched an attack on the Red Army soldiers. Qionghai was sacrificed in the retreat of other soldiers and villagers. Qionghua, the villagers and Alan decided to take revenge because they had lost so many of their loved ones.



They joined the Red Army's combat team. During the training, Qionghua, Dae and Alan insisted on training for their own goals. At night when the training team was resting by the river, Qionghua was still training. A month later, the company commander awarded the military uniforms of the Red Army soldiers on the training ground, and the women's army formally joined the Red Army team. 




When Feng Chaotian was celebrating his birthday, a cannon sounded and the battle began. Gunshots could be heard and the Niangzi army seized Feng Chaotian's residence. After the war ended, people came to celebrated the hard-won victory, the soldiers and the people, and the party was jubilant. The ambition of liberating Quanqiong Cliff was lit in the hearts of the soldiers and the people.



In the distance, the nationalist party plane cast a series of shells. The disparity in military equipment forced the Red Army soldiers to retreat in the battle. Dae followed the division commander to protect the people. In the scattered breakout, Qionghua led Alan and a bunch of women to march forward through the  jungle. Qionghua, holds Alan's body, cries, and finally buries her in this land of deep love as Alan wished.

远方, 国民党飞机投下一连串的炮弹。军事装备的悬殊迫使红军战士边战边退,大娥跟随师长掩护众人,在炮火中牺牲。四散突围中,琼花带领着阿兰和一堆娘子军艰难前行,开始了丛林里的长征。琼花抱着死去的阿兰,大声哭泣,并最终以阿兰的遗愿将她葬在了这片深爱的土地上。


As the sunrise rises, on the beach next to the jungle, the political commissar comes to the army with reinforcements. Qionghua returns to the army with a red flag, and takes the responsibility of life and the hope of the revolution. Shouting the names of the souls who died in the war, it seems that they are returning to the army. The flames of the revolution are constantly spreading in the mountain. The flag of the Red Army flutters in the wind, and folk songs of the Wuzhi Mountain can be heard through the mountains and seas.



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