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Stunning Views Before the Typhoon

This year's 4th typhoon is on its way and the rosy clouds have already dominated the whole sky, making Sanya an incredibly colourful and attractive city.


The rosy clouds are special twilights, also known as the “anti-twilights” in meteorology, which usually show up 2 days before a typhoon. When the sun sets lower than the horizon in the west, it projects lights to the top of the sky, and then meets the clouds in the east. This is how “anti twilights” form. The redder the sky, the more vapors the typhoon contains and thus the more powerful the destruction.


Let’s enjoy some stunning images from Wechat, and see if your photo is displayed!

Twilights in the city sky makes the world a wonderland.



Twilights at the University Campus

Surrounded by the splendid sky, have you ever wished that the world stop rotating for just one moment?



Twilights at the seaside

One may think that only by traveling could you enjoy the world, but I would say that staying in Sanya is having the whole world.




The dynamic twilights.

Looking at these gifts, does your heart feel happy?








Besides the anti twilight, what else can you be told if there will be a typhoon? Be sure to take notes of the key points below.

Rain stops suddenly. In some places, there will be a thunderstorm every afternoon if a typhoon is approaching. But if the rain stops for 2 or 3 days, and you have a clear view from a distance, it may show that the typhoon is coming soon.

Direction of the wind changes. Usually the wind at night blows from land to ocean, while wind during the day goes the opposite way. Ordinarily it is too mild to notice though. However, it will change increasingly before the typhoon. 

High level clouds are visible. At the outmost edge of a typhoon, there are some clouds shaped like a ponytail or feathers. When they gather in certain direction and gradually thicken, the typhoon may be on its way. You need to follow the forecast and be prepared.

Waves will be more noticeable but as the typhoon gets closer the waves will become less visible.

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