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Delightful Dishes Found in Hainan

Every tourist should taste some of the delicious dishes found in Hainan. From seafood to tropical fruits, Hainan has some unique treats for those looking for a taste of local delight!

There are some famous foods and special snacks that I highly recommend you try while visiting the beautiful tropical island of Hainan. Let's take a look at some of these local delights.

Wenchang Chicken/ 文昌鸡

The smooth, non-greasy texture of Wenchang Chicken is a local favorite. The bright colours and delectable fragrance of this dish make it attractive and loved by people both from home and abroad.


Dongshan Mutton/ 东山羊

We have various ways to cook mutton, and each one them has a unique characteristic. Dongshan mutton tastes delicious and the smooth texture of the meat will make you fall in love with it.


Jiaji Duck/ 加积鸭

There are three ways to cook Jiaji Duck, each with a very special flavour. You can find this dish at most hotels and restaurants on the island.


Hele Crab/ 和乐蟹

It's definitely one of the must-eat seafood dishes in Hainan. With a hint of garlic and ginger, this dish is a real treat for all you seafood lovers.


Special Snacks found in Hainan

No.1: Qingbuliang/ 清补凉

In Hainan, Qingbuliang/ 清补凉 is very popular. It is made using the finest ingredients and mixed with cool coconut milk or sometimes sugar water. It's great for those with a sweet tooth.


No.2: Gangmen Noodles/ 港门粉

This is actually a food that is enjoyed by local people on a daily basis. If you want to experience Hainan as a local, you should start by trying Gangmen Noodles.


No.3: Coconut Rice/ 椰子饭

Coconut rice is made of high quality rice and has a fragrant aroma. The texture is soft and not greasy at all. This snack is available at most restaurants, so don't forget to try it next time you find yourself sitting at a local restaurant in Hainan!


No.4: Fresh Fish Soup/ 鲜鱼汤

Fresh fish soup is made using fresh fish and selected local fruits and vegetables. It's one of Hainan's local specialties. Hainan's rich marine resources make the island an ideal place to try the freshest seafood.


No.5: Coconut Chicken/ 椰子鸡

Coconut chicken is cooked in a way that is very unique to Hainan. Treat your taste buds to this sweet and salty snack.


Source: Sanyatour/ 大三亚旅游圈

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