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Beat The Sanya Summer Heat With These Drinks

The temperature has gradually increased recently, Sanya is getting hotter and hotter!
Besides going all out to protect yourself from the sun's harsh rays, you might also want to drink something to cool yourself down.

Let me introduce to you some excellent drinks for relieving summer heat in Sanya.



Coconut Juice

Coconut juice is as clear as water and as sweet as honey. It's glittering, translucent and bright, it's an excellent cool and refreshing thirst quenching product.  Coconut juice and coconut flesh are rich in nutrients. During the hot summer, coconut juice has a good effect of cooling and relieving summer heat.



Qingbuliang/ 清补凉

In Hainan, Qingbuliang/ 清补凉 is very popular, especially on a hot summers day. In the evening, walking along the street, you can always see a lot of stalls selling Qingbuliang/ 清补凉, which is rich in ingredients and mixed with cool coconut juice or sugar water. It tastes very delicious.



Jishiteng/ 鸡屎藤

The flavour of Jishiteng/ 鸡屎藤 can be coconut milk or ginger juice or original. On a hot summers day, a bowl of frozen Jishiteng/ 鸡屎藤 can let you feel true refreshment and relief from the heat.



Chaobing/ 炒冰

Chaobing/ 炒冰 or fried ice is a popular cool dessert in Sanya to relieve the summer heat. Fruits juice mixed with condensed milk, and stir-fryed quickly on a condensing plate to form ice. Various fruits are then added to make fried ice with different flavors. Compared to cold drinks produced by an ice machine, chaobing definitely tastes fresher and more delicious!



Laoyan Lemon/ 老盐柠檬

Laoyan lemon is a combination of old salt and lemonade. It tastes a little salty and sweet. An unforgettable experience after just one sip.



Source: Sanyatour/ 大三亚旅游圈

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