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Highlights of the "Meet Xia Tian in Tianya Haijiao" Concert

On May 1st the "Meet Xia Tian in Tianya Haijiao" concert was held at Tianya Haijiao in the beautiful coastal city of Sanya. This concert was organized by Sanya Tianya Haijiao Tourism Development Co., Ltd., in association with Sanya OFIA International Culture Media Co., Ltd.


Xia Tian is the original singer of many popular songs including 《Bu Zai Lian Xi》 /《不再联系》and 《No.13 Merchandise Street》/《商品街十三巷》. His performance at the concert got the crowd screaming and cheering. He performed three sets and sang more than 10 popular songs including《Hen Ai Hen Ai De》/《很爱很爱的》, 《Dan Xiao Gui》/《胆小鬼》and 《Bu Zai Lian Xi》/《不再联系》.




Invited guests included Wang Anlei, who is known for 《Hei Ye》/《黑夜》and《Ban Lan》/《斑斓》, Xiao Bei, the original singer of the popular song 《I Love Sanya》and Teya, a popular foreign singer in Sanya.

Along with his signature songs, Wang Anlei also performed《Nu Fand de Sheng Ming》/《怒放的生命》and 《Tornado》/《龙卷风》. Xiao Bei kept the crowd going with《You Ni De Kuai Le》/《有你的快乐》and 《Mei Na Me Jian Dan》/《没那么简单》.



These popular hit songs made fans and tourists emotional and many of them sang along with the singers, truly enjoying this musical feast! The Honey Band, whose members are from Eastern Europe, delivered an electrifying live performance.The crowd cheered as singers gave away signed photos, T-shirts and hats. This was one of the many highlights of the event!




The "Meet Xia Tian in Tianya Haijiao" concert was held on the May Day holiday which made Tianya Haijiao a great place to relax and spend a memorable afternoon. Great music, a beautiful setting and wonderful views definitely showed off the musical culture of Tianya Haijiao and of course the charm of Sanya.



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