Welcome to Sanya!
5 Day Trip in Sanya

By Afra Jin / Hellosanya 

Day1 Nan Shan Park --Tian Ya Hai Jiao --Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor --Seafood Square

Day2  YaLong Bay Tropical Paradise Park-- Sanya Duty Free Mall

Day3 Da Dong Hai--Lu Hui Tou Park-- The First Market

Day4 YaNoDa Park

Day5 Wu Zhi Zhou Island

Day1 南山寺--天涯海角--三亚湾椰梦长廊--海鲜广场

Day2 亚龙湾热带天堂森林公园--免税店

Day3 大东海 > 鹿回头风景区 > 第一市场

Day4 呀诺达雨林文化旅游区

Day5 蜈支洲岛

Day1 Nan Shan Park --Tian Ya Hai Jiao --Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor --Seafood Square

Nan Shan Park


Visit the 108 meter taller Guanyin statue which is located in Nanshan Park.  It is 15 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty in America. Guanyin--one of the main Gods in Buddhism. It is the symbol of mercy,wisdom and peace. 


南山文化旅游区(4-5小时) → 天涯海角(2小时) → 三亚湾椰梦长廊(2小时) →春园(2小时)


If you flew into Sanya during the day, you must have seen it as you looked out of the plane window. There is a legend spread widely across Hainan that says to ensure the safety of a flight, every plane coming to Sanya should fly around the staute 3 times.

Also you must not miss the Vegetarian Buffet here. You will be surprised by the shapes and textures of the food. It looks just like meat but it's even tastier and better for your health!

Tickets:121RMB (low-season) 

          145RBM (peak-season)





.There is no direct bus from Nanshan Park to Tian Ya Hai Jiao 

.Take a taxi (20km: 40 min) 60RMB




Tian Ya Hai Jiao


If Hainan had a business card, the image you would see on the card would definitely be Tian Ya Hai Jiao. When most Chinese people talk about Hainan, the first thing that comes to mind is the big stone with the characters Tian Ya on it. Tian Ya Hai Jiao in Chinese means "the end of the world, the beginning of the sea" so in China boys always say "I will go with you to Tian Ya Hai Jiao”. There is no greater gesture of love than saying this to the man or woman you love. It is a romantic place for couples. 



Tips: The park does not offer many shaded areas so please use sunblock and take an umbrella

Tickets: entrance 95RMB (low-season) 

                    80RBM (peak-season)

.           E-car: 15RMB 


.Bus guide: no 25, 57, 26, about 16km 50 min 

to the stop Long Xing Sea Food Square



Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor

Enjoy the beautiful sunset


Tickets: no ticket






Seafood Square 

In Sanya there are several Seafood squares for you to choose from such as ChunYuan Seafood Square, HuoCheTou Seafood Square and YiLong Seafood Square.



Day2  YaLong Bay Tropical Paradise Park-- Sanya Duty Free Mall

After yesterday’s busy trip you may feel tired so you might want to chill out and ease into the day.

YaLong Bay Tropical Paradise Park

This park offers so many views and activities. Here you can see the Chain Bridge, Rainforest Valley, Main Dragon Square. Many movies have been shot here. It is an ideal place to get away from the noisy city hustle and bustle and get close to nature.



Bus guide: Bus No. 15, 25, 27 to the bus stop YaLongWan Gas Station 


Tickets:entrance and E-car:150RMB 



.there is no direct bus from YaLong Bay Tropical Paradise Park--Haitang Bay

.take a taxi (30km 50 min) 80RMB




HaiTang Bay Duty Free Shopping Mall


This is the largest Duty Free Mall in Asia. Here you can find international brands, cosmetics,food and even Hainan speciality items.

Ladies this is definitely a haven to just Buy Buy Buy!; And as for the guys, be sure to have your wallets/credit cards ready!(Just kidding~~~)

亚龙湾热带天堂森林公园(4小时) → 三亚免税店(2小时)


Day 3 Da Dong Hai--Lu Hui Tou Park-- The First Market

Da Dong Hai

Pros: DaDongHai is a developed tourist area in the city centre.  

         You can find a variety of restaurants and convenient transportation 

         You can also find cozy hostels as well as 5 star hotels.

Cons: the sea here is not as clean and beautiful as the sea in Yalong Bay. 

          Big crowds of people. 

Bus guide:  no.2 no.4 no.8 no.15 no.18 no.19 no.25 no.28 no.34 no.36 no.41 no.53 no.55 

Tickets: no tickets

大东海是三亚最早被开发的热带滨海度假区,也是离市区最近的海湾。 主要集中在海滩边一小片区域内,住宿价格比亚龙湾便宜不少。这里消费适中,夜晚也较为热闹。 大东海的沙滩和海水质量比亚龙湾逊色,但比三亚湾要好很多,能见度很高,来这里晒日光浴的人较多.





.Take bus no. 55 15min



Lu Hui Tou Park

Lu Hui Tou Park is located in the north part of city. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. You can climb to the top of the mountain to get magnificent views of the city. It's also a great place to see the most beautiful sunset in Sanya. 

Tips: If you choose to climb to the top, it will take 20-30 min.  If you are not up for the walk, you can choose to get to the top by electric car.

Ticket:   45RMB entrance

             15RMB  electric car 

鹿回头风景区位于三亚市区南部,这里三面环海,状似坡鹿。 ·登上海拔275米的山顶可饱览三亚城区风光与海岸美景,这里也是观赏日出日落的制高点。 ·公园内的鹿回头雕塑是三亚被称为“鹿城”的象征之一,是这座城市的标志。上山可以选择坐电瓶车或者步行,如果走路上山大约要20-30分钟,所以如果体力比较差建议还是乘坐电瓶车。





.take bus no.54 or no.26 25min



The First Marke

The First Market is the busiest market in Sanya. Here you can try delicious local foods, do some shopping and experience Hainan by night.

一市场是三亚最热闹的夜市所在,你在这里可以吃小吃,可以购物 ,可以尝海鲜。


Day 4 YaNoDa Park

YaNoDa Park is a jungle forest park. There are waterfalls , huge rock formations, mountains, rare trees and many other views which you cannot find anywhere else. Spend the whole day here to enjoy jungle exploration from the water and between the rocks. It's the perfect opportunity to get closer to nature and take in some fresh air.

Tips: Be sure to take a change of clothes.

        Bing Lang Gu Park and Ya Long Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park are similar to YaNoDa Park.

Ticket: entrance:105RMB (low-season) 

                        125RBM (peak-season)

             E-car: 60RMB 

            Jungle Exploration:150RMB

Bus guide:  you can buy bus tickets from Sanya bus station directly to Ya No Da park





Day5 Wu Zhi Zhou Island

Just north of Yalong Bay lies Wuzhizhou Island. It's small and you can walk everywhere and enjoy the lush tropical vegetation, pure white sandy beaches and it's surrounded by crystal clear waters. This is one of the most popular day trips for visitors.

Tips: it's about a 45 minute drive from the center of Sanya, in addition to a 20 minute ferry ride to get to the island. Wuzhizhou Island is perfect for day trips or an over night stay at the island’s hotel.

Ticket: entrance:152RMB (off-season) 

                         160RMB (high-season)

Bus guide: bus no.28


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