Welcome to Sanya!
I LOVE SANYA--Promotion film of Sanya overseas tourism

By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya

This promo film is produced by Sanya Municipal Commission of Tourism Development,planned and shot by Sanya OFIA Culture Media Co.Ltd.


In the film we interviewed 20 foreign friends, who are working and living in Sanya. In front of the camera, they tell us their own stories and show us their work places. They come from different countries, have different culture backgrounds, and are in a wide range of occupations. Meanwhile, they share something in common—they love Sanya, and as a new group of citizens they make a contribution to the construction of Sanya.


Sanya is such a pluralistic city that to give it a certain definition is impossible. There are a thousand Sanya in a thousand peoples’ eyes.


For a pilot Sanya is the city which is changing faster and faster.


For a general manager of hotel Sanya is a International beautiful resort city


For a guide Sanya is a new world class tourism centre


For a marina director Sanya is a venue holding different international competitions 


For a chef Sanya is big market for gourmets from all over the world 


For a student Sanya is a meaningful city to their future


For a english teacher Sanya is a young and developing city


For a singer Sanya is a lively city which is full of art


For a business man Sanya is the new commercial centre of  Asia 


For a DJ Sanya is a great place for nightclubs

There are plenty of different reasons to fall in love with a city, maybe because of the kind people here, because of good views here, because of special story here. But  no matter why you love Sanya, Sanya bears witness to your each and every effort and contain your every unsuccessful moment.


Wish you come to Sanya one day and wish you are wormed by Sanya!

Hellosanya! welcome you to Sanya! I love Sanya!

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  • Tamara2018-10-22 17:56:20
    Where is one of the most important in Sanya- Chinese Traditional Medicine? Clients from over the World come to Hainan special to have treatment and rest here.