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Experiencing an artful journey at The Mangrove Sanya

It is a well-known fact that hotels are currently playing a big role. Every year more and more new hotels open.


Sometimes it is even difficult to decide which one to choose while traveling.

This time I decided to spend my weekend in one of the best hotels in Sanya - The MANGROVE SANYA. And I did not regret a bit about this decision.



On the way to rest From far away, I noticed a tall building in the shape of a ship. That was mine. The lobby of this hotel has won my heart. Everything was in gray and white colors. The design of the seats was very unusual. They were in the form of stone and metal. Right from the very entrance I was greeted warmly by the hotel workers, gave me drinks and was taken to my room. Opening the doors of my room, I was impressed by the design of the room - a luxurious room, divided into functional areas. On the table I was waiting for a pleasant surprise from fruit and sweet desserts.


The view from the window was very romantic. it was a view of the coasts forgotten by God along the vast ocean with intact jungles. And the beautiful well-kept area of the hotel. I was particularly surprised by the bath on the balcony. After all, you can admire such a wonderful view of bathing in the bathroom. I think it is very romantic. Is not it ?


Buffet breakfasts are packed with food from all over the world, freshly squeezed juices, invigorating coffee, and much more. You can pick up food for every taste. In addition, the hotel has a Thai, Japanese restaurant, and a restaurant serving European cuisine. All restaurants have a high level of service. Thai restaurant gives you the atmosphere of this country, architecture, serving dishes - everything is observed. My favorite dish was rice with pineapple and seafood. A variety of dishes allows you to choose food as well as meat eaters and vegetarians. Japanese restaurant is not inferior to the previous one. At the entrance we were greeted by a beautiful Japanese woman with a broad smile on her face. I am a sushi lover, so it was difficult for me to leave the restaurant. Meals were served in turn, each dish was completely different from the previous one. Before that, I thought that Japanese dishes are only sushi. But on our table were meat, and vegetables, and fish. I tried many dishes in different restaurants, but this one took the first place on my list - I will definitely return there more than once.


During my carefree holiday, I enjoyed swimming in numerous pools, played tennis, billiards, and virtual games, walked around the immense territory of the hotel. I especially liked the vertical games, where I spent exactly a few hours. All this is located on site.



The whole environment contributes to emotional balance. And for harmony and relaxation there is a Spa. In the spa, I was greeted with tea and delicious desserts. Helped choose the procedure I needed. I chose a Swedish massage. After the chosen procedure, I was escorted to a separate room with a private shower, and a small garden. After I was ready for the procedure, I was gently given a foot massage with a scrub in the bath and laid on the massage table. The next 60 minutes was the best in my life. From the tips of the toes to the head, I have stretched every bone of my body. And the essential oils relaxed pleasantly and gave a pleasant aroma. During the procedure, pleasant music was played, for a moment I was transferred to another world. Peace of peace and spiritual peace. The cost of this procedure was $ 120. Believe me, this money is worth this procedure. After the massage, I was held in the lobby and was treated to a dessert with fruit.



Near the Spa is a gym. For sports enthusiasts, this is a great place to play. In the gym there are treadmills, trainers for arms, legs, dumbbells of any weight category. Coach - instructor monitors all your training and gives excellent tips. The hall is surrounded by panoramic windows, so you can run around and enjoy the view of the palm trees and the well-kept lawn.


At the end of my perfect day, dinner was also served as a buffet. Dinner was even more beautiful than breakfast. On each table was opened a bottle of delicious French wine. In the assortment were seafood of any kind: red fish, shells, octopus, crabs, shrimps, meat of different varieties, cheese, desserts and much more. I want to mark desserts. These were chocolate, fruit, cream desserts. In this hotel I could not resist them.


After sunset thematic parties of interest will certainly be organized. The lights in the hotel light up, forming a romantic atmosphere for walking around the hotel. In some parts of the hotel singers (foreigners) are singing, and somewhere it’s just good music. The hotel itself is lit with different colors, it is impossible to take your eyes off this beauty.


I advise everyone to this hotel, if you want to spend your weekend at 100% and relax - you need The Mangrove Sanya.


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