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Two more distinctive tourism towns introduced to the public

By Afra Jin/Hellosanya


The establishment of Shi Shan Volcanic Town and Yan Feng Mangrove Town has been approved. This is the first group of tourism towns after the publication of «Recognition of Hainan Tourism Towns» to be officially introduced to the public.


1. Shi Shan Town —Volcanic Town(石山镇)


Shi Shan Town has an excellent natural environment and is rich in cultural resources. There is rare volcanic landscape, beautiful original ecological vegetation, well-preserved ancient villages and special agricultural resources. All of these unique conditions contribute to this famous cultural and tourism town. Increasingly the volcano park is attracting more tourists.


2. Yan Feng Town— Mangrove Town(演丰镇)



It has taken an extraordinary effort to develop different kinds tourism in Yanfeng Town, including local mangrove ecological tourism, historical tourism and leisure tourism. The government of  Yan Feng Town has also organized a wide range of activities. In recent years the Bird Festival,Cycling Trip Activity, E-sports Competition and Music Festivals have been held here. In the future, further large-scale organization and development will make this area more attractive.


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  • Anton2019-02-15 03:47:52
    In this article said that these two towns already open to the public, but no write where these two towns located and how to get there. So please say to me how can i go there.