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Luhuitou, the romantic hill in Sanya

Located atop Luhuitou Mountain, Luhuitou Park is around 5 kilometres from Sanya’s city centre. Numerous winding paths to the main peak offer refreshing strolls with panoramic views of the shores and skylines of Sanya.


Literally meaning ‘a deer turning its head back’, Luhuitou is the origin of Sanya’s nickname, “Deer City”. The hill itself has a local legend of its own, which can be traced back to a moving love story: A long time ago, a tyrant ruler wanted a pair of hairy deer horns, so he forced a young man of the Li ethnicity named Ahei to hunt for deer on the mountains. Once, when Ahei was hunting, he saw a beautiful spotted deer being chased by a panther. He shot the panther with his arrow and chased after the deer for nine days and nights, finally arriving at the Coral Cliff of Sanya. The deer was trapped and could only jump into the sea to escape from Ahei. As Ahei prepared to shoot the deer, it suddenly transformed into a beautiful girl. Ahei immediately fell in love with the girl, and they married. She then gathered the help of her brothers to defeat the tyrant, and lived out the rest of her days on the cliff, building it into a beautiful and thriving farm. This hill came to be known as Luhuitou.


Today, a beautiful statue commemorates this legend alongside a number of other scenic sites such as Monkey Mountain, Deer House, Turtle Heaven, and Immortal Pond, as the vast sea and the natural scenery brimming with tropical foliage stretch across the landscape. You can also find the island’s culinary rarity, the ‘red coconut’, which the area is famous for. Luhuitou Bay laps below, offering a nearby unforgettable scuba-diving experience with a variety of fish, corals and marine life unique to a tropical climate.


This historical lovers’ peak is a serene and picturesque destination for all, from hikers to honeymooners, seeking an unhurried place of beauty to discover the city.


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