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Highlights of Hainan

During your stay in Hainan it can be quite difficult to know where to start when it comes to leisure activities.

To help you out we have put together a few of our top picks for things to see and do during your time on this beautiful island…



The Li & Miao are the local indigenous peoples, the former having been in Hainan for over 2000 years. Close to the southern city of Sanya there is a Li and Miao Minority Village that is open for tourist trips. Visitors can learn about their interesting history, unique culture and authentic living conditions of Hainan’s two main indigenous tribes while strolling through the well-presented exhibition houses.



As China’s only tropical island holiday destination, it is a popular beach escape. There are numerous bays on the island, the most popular ones on the southern and eastern coast. The best beaches on the island are at Yalong Bay and Clearwater Bay, both of which have fantastic 5 star resorts located near them.



There are now over 40 golf courses in Hainan which makes it one of the most attractive golfing destinations in the region. Particularly noteworthy is the huge Mission Hills development in the north of the island along with the two world class golf courses on Clearwater Bay. 



In the last few years Hainan has hosted numerous luxury yacht shows and the island now has a handful of serious marinas, the largest ones are Serenity Marina in Ban Shan Ban Dao and Clearwater Bay Marina. Hainan has also been used as an official stop for the Volvo Ocean Race. 

Outdoor Activities


Numerous outdoor activities are available including mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing. If you are interested in outdoor activities then we would suggest contacting the outdoor adventure company Insight Adventures who will be able to book trips. You can find them at http://www.insight-adventures.com/.



Hainan’s south east coast is China’s Surf Capital. With a variety of breaks within walking distance, Riyue Bay is the perfect place for surfers of all levels. Travelers of all types can enjoy the long stretch of empty golden beach and beautiful surroundings.

Nature Reserves


There are numerous nature reserves on the island. Yanoda Rainforest is a beautiful park sprawling some 45 kms and has nature trails with an abundance of varying flora and fauna. Monkey Island is a 50 minute drive from Sanya and is the only tropical island nature reserve for macaques, a protected animal in China. In addition to being home to some 2000 macaques, the island itself is very pretty with rolling mountains and interesting fruits and flowers.

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