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Nanwan Peninsula

Nanwan Monkey Island

Nanwan Monkey Island is located in the Nanwan Peninsula, about 14 kilometers south of Lingshui County, Hainan Province. It leans against the mountain and the water and is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The long and narrow peninsula covers a total area of about 10.2 square kilometers. There are countless caves in the mountain and rocks of all shapes and sizes. Nanwan Monkey Island has a wide variety of animal and plant species as well as a forest coverage rate of 95%. Ecological resources are extremely abundant in this area.


There are nearly 1,500 lively macaques living on the island. They are part of the second class of national protected animals. Nanwan Monkey Island is the only tropical island rhesus monkey nature reserve in China and the world.



When visitors enter the Monkey Island scenic area, they will notice a variety of unique plants. Visitors will feel as if they have entered a green world in a sea of flowers. The monkeys find shade under the trees and jump from branch to branch, fight, chasing and playing as if no one is watching. Visitors, with the guidance of the staff, can play with the monkeys and join in the fun!


The macaques can often be seen playing around the waterfalls, jumping up and down, making faces at each other as they climb the vine ladders and leap into the water. This area is known as their "sacred bath pool”. Under the command of their trainer the monkeys swim and dive from high platforms to show visitors how at ease they are being in the water. The monkey art sketches are hilarious, the acrobatics show is full of fun and the rhesus monkey honor guard is warm and hospitable towards the guests.


Nanwan Monkey Island scenic area is rated as a AAAA national level scenic area, ranked as a top ten scenic area in Hainan, holds the Hainan tourism scenic area title and is one of Hainan’s top ten Bright brands.

Danjia Culture

There is a ropeway in the Monkey Island scenic sightseeing area that connects the mysterious south bay Monkey Island to the charming tropical bay fishing port where the Dan people live. Take the cable car across and enjoy overlooking the port where you’ll see thousands of boats, fishing rows and the dense forest area.


It is said that the Danjia people are descendants of the people who immigrated to Hainan Province hundreds of years ago from Fujian Province and Guangdong Province (both are coastal provinces in mainland China). 


Different from agricultural and animal husbandry nations, the Danjia people live on the water in their boats and earn their income through fishing and diving for pearls. Their boats look like eggs floating in ocean. It is said that's why they got their name (Dan means egg in Chinese).


There is no written language among the Danjia people. They teach and educate children about their culture only through word of mouth. Danjia people worship snakes as their totem, an animal that is believed to be the descendant of the Chinese dragon. In order to show their sincere respect to their god, the King Dragon, the Danjia people will offer sacrifices such as pigs and goats every 1st and 15th of the month of Chinese lunar calendar.


The traditional costumes of the Danjia people are very exquisite. Danjia women usually wear blue or gray shorts with a silver belt embroidered with beautiful patterns tied around their waists. It is said that the silver belts are not only used as fashion accessories but also used to help lower the chances of developing rheumatism.

Lost Islet

Lost Islet is adjacent to Qingshuiwan (Clear Water Bay) in the west and opposite Wuzhizhou Island in the south. With a total length of 5.9km, the beach coastline is the longest and best protected beach on the east coast of Hainan Island. 


This is one of the top ten romantic scenic spots in Hainan. It is one of the most ecological, tranquil and untouched areas.  The beach is naturally divided into "Nanhai Bay" and "Lost Islet Beach" by a huge reef called "Shenao Sea Exploration". There are black sandy beaches rich in titanium, zirconium and other precious metals in Nanhai Bay. 


The coastline of 1.1km long, the beach of 280m long and the endless coconut tree forest, there is a formation of what looks like a private sandy beach territory. Some people say that this is a paradise left by God on earth. "This is the most beautiful unmanned beach in China," said Feng Tang, a writer. "This is the beach of Lost Islet".


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