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Binglanggu Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park

Binglanggu Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park, founded in 1998, is a National AAAAA Tourist Attraction. Covering an area of about 333 hectares, Binglanggu is situated in the Ganzaling Nature Conservation Area between Sanya City and Baoting County, 26 kilometers away from Yalong Bay, and 28 kilometers away from Sanya city center.


Binglanggu (Betel-nut Valley) earns its name from the original local ethnic minority villages and the countless betel-nut trees that extends several kilometers along the valley. The major sightseeing spots include Intangible Cultural Heritage Village, Ganza Li Village, Silverware Miao Village, Rural Li Lodging Experience Area, Charm of Li & Miao Culture Live Show, Orchid Cottage and Li & Miao Food Street. Binglanggu preserves ten national level intangible cultural heritage items. Among them, Li’s traditional spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery technique has been listed as intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding by UNESCO. Also, Binglanggu is a place to host traditional Li and Miao ethnic festivals such as March 3rd and Double-seventh Water Festival. Binglanggu has been widely known as “a living fossil of Hainan ethnic culture”.



As a national intangible cultural heritage protection center and one of the top ten filming locations, Binglanggu shoulders the mission to cultivate, safeguard, inherit and promote Hainan Li & Miao culture, showing to the world the authentic Hainan ethnic cultural heritages. It is now the guardian of indigenous Hainan Li & Miao cultures.


① Intangible Cultural Heritage Village Experience Area (非遗村文化体验区)


Four aboriginal themed museums: Nonwoven Museum, Linen Museum, Cotton Woven Museum and Dragon Quilt Museum.

Tourism Sites and Activities: March 3rd Square, Li Square, Taiwan Craftworks and Fine Foods , First and Second Alleys of Intangible Cultural Heritage Village, Viewing Deck, Centurial Culture Corridor, Nonwoven Museum, Linen Museum, Cotton Woven Museum, Dragon Quilt Museum and Li Brocade Exhibition and Sales Center.


② Centurial Li-Village Culture Experience Area (百年古黎村文化体验区)


It is an ancient Li village where you can experience Li people’s life style dated back to 100 years ago.

Tourism sites and activities: Hall of Honor, Totem Museum, Exhibition Hall of Intangible Cultural Heritages, Centurial Granaries, Li Tattoo Museum, Shanlan Rice Culture Museum, Wine Making Workshop, Pottery Museum, Centurial Li Village and Coconut Workshop; Betel-nut Picking and Tree Climbing performance, bamboo dance, Longgui, Fish Stabbing and Ancient Harvest Music Performance.


③ Silverware Miao Village Culture Experience Area (谷银苗家文化体验区)


It will be fantastic to drink Miao door-entry wine, listening to Miao Song, seeing a thrilling climbing knife-ladder and walking on red hot metal bars show, learning ancient Miao dyeing and embroidering technique and taking back an ancestral Miao medicine prescription curing rheumatism.

Tourism sites: Rainforest Teahouse, Miao Hunting Area, Mountain Village Gate, Ox Horn, Guest Welcome Area, Batik Family, Miao’s Traditional Primary School, Hunter’s House, Bee Keeper’s House, Snake Feeders’ House, Miao-styled Performance Hall ---- Heavenly Hall (show of climbing knife-ladder and walking on red hot metal bars), Birds’ Park, Stone-ancestor Worship Area, Rainforest Skywalk Bridge, Silver Village and Spider Science Hall.


④ Charm of Li & Miao Culture Live Show Experience Area (《槟榔·古韵》大型实景演出体验区)


Charm of Li & Miao Culture Live Show presents you the most original, and the most memorable Li and Miao culture performance: Drilling wood to make fire, Weaving Li Brocade, Love Song Duet, Miao Pinching, Rice Husking Dance, Li Costumes Show and Bamboo Dance.

Activities: Charm of Li & Miao Culture Live Show, Rattan Climbing And Flower Picking, Tug-of-War and Bonfire Platform.


⑤ Li & Miao-flavored Food Culture Experience Area (黎苗风味美食文化体验区)


You will be served with sweet betel nuts, a whole street of original Li snacks and delicacy from the nature which will refresh your mind and inspire your tastes.

Food service spots: Li & Miao Snack Street, Bolong Family Restaurant, Taiwan Snacks and Farmers’ Street.


⑥ Orchid Cottage Experience Area (兰花小木屋民宿体验区)


Dwelling on the mountainside with occasional rains from the rainforest, you can relax your body and soul with natural song from frogs in the field and appreciate the beauty of the starry night. Zipline adventure helps you fly, relax and enjoy the excitement of speed.

Activities: Orchid Cottage and Zipline Adventure.


⑦ Rural Li Lodging Experience Area (田野黎家民宿体验区)


Here you can experience the traditional Li people’s life style: farming and living a peaceful life in harmony with Mother Nature.

Activities: Li Folk Custom, Idyllic Scenery and Bullock Cart.

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