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Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is located in the southeast of Sanya City, 25 kilometers away from the urban area of Sanya. Its overall planning area is 1,506 hectares. It is divided into East Park and West Park. The East and West Parks are like the stretching arms around Yalong Bay, the “Top One Bay in the world”. The Park respects the nature and ecology, emphasizes the characteristics and individuality, with high-end planning, high-end construction and high-end management. It has become the world’s top tropical coastal mountain eco-tourism and vacation forest park.


The park has more than a dozen mountain peaks, over 1,500 tropical plants, more than 190 wildlife, 210 birds nest villas, orchid valley, the main scenic spot of If You Are the One II and three tourist areas on the Park Peak, etc. The rich and colorful resources make it a combination of mountain climbing and exploration, outdoor development, leisure and sightseeing, health preservation and vacation, popular science education and folk culture experience and other tourism activities.


▇ Orchid Valley

The original ecological tropical rain forest valley, the circular trails up to more than 1,000 meters in the valley are covered with wisteria together with rippling streams, a variety of orchids contend in beauty and fascination. Walking in the valley along the climbing route overshadowed from the sun by abundant trees, which is excellent ecology. Giant banyans, centuries-old vines, wild gomuti palms and tropical rain forest can be seen everywhere.


 Qianli Umbrella

One of the parks commanding elevation point, you can see Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, Sanya Bay and the Great East China Sea here. Under the Qianli Umbrella, there is a cliff heaven pool, which is the main scene of the movie If You Are the One II.


▇ Wedding Hall

Surrounded by the forest, backed by the mountain, overlooking Yalong Bay, and symbolizing the solemn pledge of love. The wedding hall interacts with the Shanmeng Pavilion and the Peace Bell, which is the best place to witness love.


▇ Dragon Carving Square

There is a large dragon carving cast from red copper, weighing up to 5,000 kilograms. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can watch the South China Sea.


▇ Canghai Building

It is 20 meters high with a three-storey hexagonal pavilion roof wooden tower structure. Climbing to the top of the building, you can not only overlook the beautiful scenery of Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, Sanya Bay and the Great East China Sea, but also enjoy the panoramic view of the Peak Park.


▇ Guojianglong Rope Bridge & Mist-covered Pavilion

The main scene of the movie If You Are the One II. The Rope Bridge spans between the two mountains, and is 168 meters long and about 40 meters off the ground. In 2010, Ge You and Shu Qi presented a romantic love story here. The Mist-covered Pavilion beside the Rope Bridge is accompanied by a hundred-year-old banyan tree, which is the best place to appreciate the whole scene of the Rope Bridge.


▇ Sea View Glass Bridge

Located in the Peak Park, and the highest elevation is 450 meters. The Glass Bridge is built around the worlds largest natural Maitreya stone Buddha. It’s 400 meters long and 10 meters wide. It consists of 130 tons of imported super white glue-coated glass. This place covers scenic spots including the Aerial Platform, colorful High Ladder, Colorful Lotus Buddha-looking Terrace, Rainbow Path, Solemn Pledge of Love and Heart and Soul, to name just a few.


▇ Rainforest Magic Theater

Located in the Peak Park, it is an interactive theater that provides guest an Around the Tropical Rainforest in Hainan experince by using high techs. The films in the theater are made exclusively by the Park at a cost of 7 million Yuan.


▇ Rainforest Magic Maze

Parent-child interactive experience project with rope crossing, high-altitude walking, big tree maze, hook-ups, rapid sliding, time tunnel and so on.


▇ Sling

The total length is 600 meters, which is divided into two sections, from the Peak Park to the Orchid Valley. During the sliding process, you can have a panoramic view of the original tropical rainforest landscape, and you can enjoy all the beautiful scenery along the way while experiencing the flying feeling.


▇ Leaping Rainforest

This project includes 13 different high-altitude challenges such as air bicycle, climbing net, rock climbing, skateboarding and so on, to enable you to experience the pleasure of jungle adventure over the rainforest.


▇ Original Hainan special snacks

Located at the entrance of Wandering Living Block in the Peak Park, it provides classical Hainan snacks such as Hainan powder and etc.


▇ Tropical rainforest special snacks

Located opposite the Rainforest Magic Cinema in the Peak Park, it offers Li & Miao special rainforest set meals and snacks.


▇ Tropical Rainforest Restaurant

Located in the Peak Park, it provides 36 Hainan health-preserving buffets.


▇ Haikuo Tiankong Thai Restaurant

Located in the eastern part of the Birds Nest Resort, it offers the authentic Thai food.


▇ Feilongling Western-style Restaurant

Located in the eastern part of the Birds Nest Resort, it offers western-style meals and Chinese and Western buffet breakfast.


▇ Cloud Top Pavilion Restaurant

Located in the cloud top of the Birds Nest Resort, it offers Hainan special health preservation dishes.


▇ Tianjie Wandering Living Area

Located in the Peak Park, it collects all kinds of special souvenirs and delicacies, such as Post Office of 18°North Latitude, rose wood handicraft, ethnic costumes, Hainan companion gift, and etc.


▇ Traffic Guide

① Bus: Take Buses No.15, 24, 25, 27 or tourist buses from Sanya city to Yalong Bay, get off at Yalong Bay Gas Station. Walk back along Liupan Road for about 150 meters to the park.

 Taxi: About half an hour from downtown, Dadonghai and Haitang Bay by taking taxes to the park, and about 10 minutes from Yalong Bay area.

③ Self-driving: Driving from the eastern high-speed exit, continue to straight forward the southwest for about 35 killometers to Tiandu roundabout of Jiyang District, turn left to Yalong Bay Road and drive forward about 7kilometers to the park.


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