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Sanya Conifer Resort to Host Pool Party for 30 International Influencers

Sanya Conifer Resort is getting ready to welcome the 30 international online influencers on Nov. 23rd for a celebration at the resort.  This event will be a warmup event for their 2nd anniversary celebration.    


The 30 influencers come from China, UK, Russia, South Korea, Iran, Cambodia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, to name just a few. They will gather at the Conifer and start Day 6 of their Sanya trip by attending the HelloSanya Rooftop Pool Party which is co-organized by Sanya Conifer Resort and Sanya OFIA International Culture Media Co., Ltd. The transparent heated pool is kept at 30℃ all year round, making it an ideal place to host outdoor pool parties regardless of the weather.    



“Through the 2nd Hainan Free Trade Zone HelloSanya International Online Media Bloggers Exhibition 2019, Conifer hopes to exhibit its images on various social media platforms and attract more visitors from around the world. I hope every influencer has an unforgettable experience at our resort”, said Li Jin, General Manager of Sanya Conifer Resort.



Sanya keeps changing to keep up with demands on an international level. It is believed that Sanya will become more open in the future which will provide an access window for tourists globally to see a tropical destination full of vibrant colors and unique culture.



The 1,200 sq. meter transparent pool is located on the 70-meter-high roof. It has been a must-see location for many tourists since it opened in 2017. Sanya Conifer Resort won the Xie Cheng (携程) “Most Liked Hotel by Online Influencers” award. Xie Cheng (携程) is one of China’s largest online booking websites. A video post of this pool on Tik Tok was viewed over 140 million times and other videos about the transparent pool are a hot topic on popular Chinese online media platforms including Red Book (小红书), Weibo (微博), and Mafengwo (马蜂窝). 



Apart from the wonderful pool, this hotel is a one stop service resort. Guests can go on a culinary adventure with Chinese cuisines at Xiezhugong Huige Private Kitchen (解煮公挥哥私房菜), exquisite Japanese food at Zhuhuan Haixian Fangti Restaurant (朱鹮海鲜放题) and local Chinese snacks at the food court and after a long day, guests can relax and enjoy Thai massages at the Liantai Spa (莲泰水疗).

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