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Enjoy the Qionghai Tayang Cherry Blossom Festival

When cherry blossoms are mentioned, Japan is probably what springs to mind but going to Japan may cost too much time and money. Instead you can go to the Qionghai Tayang Cherry Blossom Festival (琼海塔洋樱花节) which is guaranteed to give you a wonderful cherry blossom experience. March is a wonderful time of year and it's the best time to appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossom.   


As a government support project, the festival will highlight ecological agriculture tourism in Qionghai, Hainan. The festival will run all the way until May 8th.



The festival will be held in Dashun Farm, Tayang, Qionghai where you can appreciate the sea of cassia bakeriana. Cassia bakeriana, also called Thailand cherry blossom, is famous for its long florescence and can endure much harsher weather conditions compared to sakura. Cassia bakeriana is pink and always comes out before growing new leaves. All the flowers hang over the branches, which makes up a flourishing scene of prosperity.


During the festival, you can attend a series of interesting activities in Dashun Farm:

1. Photo Contest

The farm will collect cherry blossom photography and award the most excellent ones!


2. Folk Culture Performance

Visitors can see Qiong opera and Taiwan folk culture performances. It's a great way to experience the charm of Chinese culture during the festival.



3.     Farmers’ Market

This  is a regularly held trade market, where the neighborhood villagers can buy chickens, ducks, eggs, fruits and plants. It's a great place to buy some high-quality farm produce.



4. Taste delectable food

Try some special local Tayang food, Taiwanese food and farm produce.





5. Transportation to Tayang Dahsun Farm:

a. Take Bus No.5 if you are in Qionghai and get off at Yushan Cunkou (裕山村口) where you can take an electric car to Dashun Farm.

b. Take Regular Buses from Jiaji to Yantang (加积-烟塘), Qionghai to Wenchang (琼海-文昌).

c. For driving directions search 大顺农场 (Dashun Farm)

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